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Crime & punishment

Glory & pride of the Emerald Isle


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Come, cheer up your spirits, you sons of Hibernia.
Why should you weep or be cast down with
care ?
The champ on of freedom is brisk and light
And for all coercion a fig he dont care ;
Although they've confined him, he says, never mind
He lays down contented and rises with a smile.
Success to O'Connell, the champion of freedom,—
The glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

The children of Erin will ever remember
The time he was sentenced, the thirteenth of
Against every reason, the champion they seized on,
Not long in a jail will the Patriot stay ;
In England and Ireland, Wales and in Scotland,
All true honest men daily meet with a smile,
Conversing with pity in county and city,
Of the glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

The Spaniards and Russians, the French and the
Are much interested about Erin's land ;
The American's proudly are storming so soundly,
And say Dan O'Connell is an injured man.
Though from us he's parted, he wont be down-
He laughs at his foes, and deelares with a smile,
He will still in communion strive hard for the
The glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

With just perseverance for the rights of old Erin
He has struggled to gain, free from all dread
and fear.
Let the enemies of Erin say what they will of him
He is upright and honest, bold, true, and
A part from his friends it is firmly expected
Dan O'Connel will be but a very short while,
Then boldly we'll meet him and joyfully green him,
The glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

There is no honest man in the British dominions.
But what Eri 's champion do greatly adore.
Hear the coversation all over the nation
From the Lands end of England to famed Belli-
more ;
May the days of imprisonment pass like a shadow,
May his enemies weep, while he looks, with a
May happiness meet him and liberty greet him,
The glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

Each corporation in the Irish nation
Are up now and striving, as plain may he seen,
Addresses are pouring to Daniel O'Connnell
With liberty's banners and shamrock so green.
He will struggle like death for the rights of old
Repeal and Hibernia he shouts with a smile ;
My spirit, says Daniel, shall never he broken,
The glory and pride of the Emerald Isle.

My country she droops, says the great Liberator,—
Oh ! why should oppression on her lay so hard,
To the end of my life I will never for ake her
My ene ies I don't a farthing regard,
If God grants me health all my foes to get over,
For my country's rights I will strive with a
As bold as Napoleon, that warlike brave soldier.
The glory and pride of the Emerald isle.

Addresses of condolence they are preparing
In Ulster and Munster and every where,
From Belfast and Limerick, Wrexford and Dog-
Galway, and Sligo Mayo, and Kildare,
From Skihereen, Mallow, Cork, and Tipperary,
East, West, North and South, they flock for-
ward in style.
Then here's three times three loud huzzas for
The glory and pride of the Emerald isle.

BIRT, Printer, 39, Great St. Andrew Street,
                          Seven Dials

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