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Regent and king

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         Regent and King.


COME cheer up my lads we'll no longer repine,
United we'll triumph, our cauſe is divine
Map the King to his health ſoon again be reſtor'd,
And the Regent (his Son) be for ever ador'd.


Then rejoice, honest Britons, huzza ! ſhout and
The Regent for ever, for ever, boys for ever,
The patron of freedom, and patriot King.

Now Britons are blest with a Prince well advis'd,
He's a friend to mankind with a heart undisguis d :
His actions will prove the beſt claim to our love,
When the King, heaven bleſs him, is an angel above.
Then rejoice, honeſt Britons, &c.

We have long been engaged in the conflict of war,
And Britannia ſtill rides in her triumphant car ;
Our, brave Britiſh troops, and our allies alſo,
Have given the tyrant a moſt fatal blow.

Then rejoice, honeſt Britons, &c.

But the time ſeems to dawn on out fortune at laſt,
After braving the tempeſt for twenty years paſt ;
Our enemies fiy and our friends do increaſe,
Which cauſes the tyrant to ſue for a peace.

Then rejoice, honeſt Britons, &c.

Then rejoice my brave countrymen chearfully ſing,
And drink a good health to our country and King ;
United and happy, may commerce increaſe,
And Britons once more welcome ſweet ſmiling peace.
Then rejoice, honeſt britons, &c.

A. Swindells, Printer.

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