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Adtentures [sic] of John Manks and his pock markd [sic] cat

(33) Adtentures [sic] of John Manks and his pock markd [sic] cat

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                          THE ADTENTURES OF


             POCK MARKD CAT

Ere last night about 47 years ago aeceivd a letter of an old
hags death, I was so over joyed at the sad news every tear that
fell from the bottom of my belly, would split 6 fathom of turf or
or set a mill going I took a fit of running with my 2 shin bones
in my pock t & my head under arm, sitting down every minute
to rest myself Until I met John Jervis, an old hackney coach
man a great big tall low sized little man s ightly pock marked
Come all you true bred Irishmsn that are enclind to roam
To reap the English harvest so far away fr0m home
Be sure & provide good comerades that is both loyal & true
For you'l have to fight both day & night with Jon Bull & his crew,
We sail'd away from Dublin quay & never received a shock
Til we landed safe on shore one side of Clarence dock
Where numbers of our Irish the met us in the town
Saying hurra for Paddys lovely land that was the tost went round
Away we went with one coneent to drink strong ale & wins
And toast a flowing bnmper to those we left behind
We drank & sung & made the taverns ring dispiseing all our foes
Or any man that hotes the sweet land where Patricks Shamros

Next morning by the break of day as quickly you shall hear
How one hundred s rong we massacreed along without dread orfear
Each man had a black thorn stick they brought fron Paddys land.
And hooks that shined like polish'd steel or silver in their hand
We tramp'd away for thre long days high wages for to find
On the following morning we met a railway line
The navies they walk'd up to us & loudly they did rail
They cusge'd & damud the Paddies & the sons of Granuawail
Up comes Barney Walsh & say's boys what do you mean
Are we not men as well as you & hates a cowards name
So leave our way Without delay or some of ygu will fall
For here we stan true Irish-men that never feard a call
The navies curs d & swore they would kill us every one
Aad make us think of ninety-eight likewise Slevenamon
Likewise our holy Preist they curs'd his blessed remains
Which made the County Leitrin boys burn with revenge
Up comes Barney Reily & knocks the ganger dowa
The bricks & stones the flew like hail in showers all come down
We tought from half-past four til the san was going to set
When Reily say s we Irish boys sure we never cau be bet
Come join with me my Countrymen renew the fight onca more
We'll see our foes on every side more dreadful than before
We'll let them know before we go we'll fight untill we die
For Irishmeu when at the worst would rather fight thanfly
We salhed back with Barney & challeng d another ronud
Like Sampson with the hillistines we laid them on the ground
We fought our way through the long day wa 'd sco n to give ore,
We droved to them we were rishmen from the swetShamroc sshore
When the fight began the svcons time its then you'd see some fun
y Te yths & hooks they flourish d til these nav es were undone
eTelee s wardly an away they ran with hearts & arms sor
remeco hhhmber Barney Reily & the boys of the Shamrocks

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