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Courtship & marriage

Young woman's wants

            YOUNG WOMAN'S


Come all you single fellows who wish to change your life,
I want a loving husband if you want a careful wife,
He must be very handsome, not short nor very stout,
That will roll me in his arms at night, and blow the
candle out.

I want a loving husband, do you want a pleasing wife.

I will tell you things that I shall want as soon as we are
I shall want a maid to empty the thing that goes under
the bed,
I shall want a loving husband ,to walk with in the park,
And he must blow the candle in or kiss me in the dark.

I shall want a little cottage and a carpet on the floor,
I shall want a bell to ring and a knocker on the door,
I shall want a silver music box some merry tunes to play
And I shall want my husband all night with me to stay.

Now I shall want a garden to yield some fruit and greens,
And I shall want some onions, I shall want some peas
and beans,
And I shall want some flowers, the lily, pink and rose,
And I shall want some tulips just underneath my nose.

I am very fond of honey, I shall want to keep some bees
And I shall want a servant maid to hunt the bugs and
And I shall want a cuddle too and I shall want a kiss,
I  shall want a bit of that for a little bit of this.

Then I shall want a parasol, a mantle and a veil,
And I shall want a hairy thing just like a donkey's tail,
I shall want a tidy bustle to put upon my bum,
I shall want little daughter, and a pretty little son.

I shall want a dandy cap with flowers in full bloom,
And I shall want a looking-glass to view me in the room,
I shall want a dashing feather stuck in a Russian hat,
And I shall want a bit of round for a little bit of flat.

Indeed I want a husband, I want a steady man,
He must huddle me and cuddle me and do the best he
I want a lot of money too and must want I'm afraid.
I want to be a lady for I've been a ladies maid.



            MADE EASY

Ye Lads of this Nation, of high and low station,
Lend an ear to my humoursome ditty,
I'll sing you a song, though not very long,
I'll warrant it's wohderous pretty ;
One morning in spring, when the small birds did sir
And the fields were all spangled with daisies,
I met my dear jewel who was going to school,
With her tuft, and her Reading Made Easy,

My learning I beg, and likewise my bread,
And I go by the name of a scholar,
My learning I beg, and likewise my bread,
And my clothes are not worth half a dollar,
One morning in May, I met this fair maid,
With a Smile and a low curtsey she said,
Come learn me my lesson, I'll give you my blessing.
So she opened her Reading Made Easy,

I drew myself nigh her, and set me down by her,
On a bank where primroses were springing,
At the foot of a tree, where none could us see,
The small birds around us were singing ;
I opened a column, she thought it a volume,
And small gentle tranports did seize me,
I kiss'd, and she smil'd, then said my dear child,
Now shut up your Reading Made Easy.

Young man, O, forbear, my gown you will tear,
And my parents will surely ill treat me,
Young man, O, forbear, my gown you will tear,
And my father, he surely will beat me,
My brothers will growl, and my sisters will scold,
They'll do every thing for to teaze me,
They will say—at school I have play'd the fool,
With my tuft, and my Reading Made Easy.

Eight months alter that, I returned back again,
Where her two little charmers were swelling,
When she saw me a coming, to me she came running,
She could not forbid them a telling,
When she saw me a coming, she to me came running,
Saying here is the lad that can please me,
I never did see, any one but he,
That can learn me my Reading Made Easy.

With her father's consent to church then we went,
And sixty bright guineas he gave me,
And one hundred more at his death hour,
Saying—my child, dont be uneasy,
Then blest with content, to industry we went,
In a small little cot that did please me,
Now she blesses the day he came that way,
To learn me the Reading Made Easy.

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