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Young women's dreams

(21) Young women's dreams

                  YOUNG WOMEN'S


Come all you pretty maidens from the cook unto the
While I tell you concerning the young women's dreams,
All classes to please, sure it never can fail,
If you dream of a bustle you'll be robbed of a veil,
If you dream of an alter it betokens much joy,
If you dream of puddings you'll have a little boy.


Then just give attention you ladies so keen,
To a true explanation of young women's dreams.

If you dream about angels you'll be married in a week,
If you dream about monkeys you a lover w ill seek,
If you dream you are in a passion your true love will
be sick.
If you dream you go a f hing in a r w you will get,
If you dream of getting married you'd quickly be dead,
If you are counting stare, you'll lose your

If you dream you're drest in white your true love will
be kind,
If you dream about a cat you contention will find,
If you dream you're in a battle or falling in the dirt,
You will have two twin boys born without a shirt,
If you dream you are drest in scarlet, blue, or grey,
You are sure to be a widow in a twelvemonth and a

If you dream of eating mutton, bacon, lamb, or beef,
It's a sign you'll be troubled with a pain in the teeth,
It you dream you've given a dress fine and now,
You are sure to be married to a soldier in the blues,
If you dream you are wedded to a man mild and meek,
You are sure to be a cuck old in less than a week.
If you dream about turnips or carrots when in bed,
You'll be married to a man whose hair is red,
If you dream you are dancing so merry at a ball,
You'll be married to a man who has none at all ;
If you dream you are eating fried bacon and eggs,
You'll be married to a pensioner with two wooden legs.

If you dream you're deceived by a false-hearted man,
You will sail in a transport to Van Dieman's land,
If you dream about perk you'll have a kiddy bye and
Mark'd with a pig's fost under the left eye,
If you dream about a tallyman carrying a pack,
You'll be married to a sailor with a hump on his bask.

If you dream you're in a wheat field covered with snow,
A fortnight after marriage you'll be laid in the straw,
If you dream you are wrangling and causing of strife,
Your husband and you will lead a cat and dog life,
If you dream about ironing, mangling or pegs,
The first you have with have three little legs.

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'Tis of a rich merchant, who in London did dwell,
He had but one daughter, an ankimmon nice young
gal ;
Her name it was Dinah, scarce sixteen years old,
With a very large portion of silver and gold.
Tol lal, raddal, &c.

As Dinah was valiking the garden one day,
Her papa came to her, and thus he did say,
"Go dress thysolf Dinah, is gorgeous array,
And take yourself a husband both gallant and gay,"

" Oh, papa, oh, papa, I've not made up my mind,
And to marry just yet, I don't feel inclined,
To you my large fortune I'll gladly give o'er,
If you let me live single a year or two more."

"Go, go, boldest daughter," the parent replied,
"If you won't consent to be this ere young man's bride,
I'll give your large fortune to the nearest of kin,
And you shan't reap the benefit of one single pin.

As Vilikins was valiking the garden around,
He spied his dear Dinah laying dead on the ground,
And the cup of cold poison it lay by her side,
With a billy-due stating 'twas by poison she died.

He kiss'd her cold corpse a thousand times o'er,
And call'd her his Dinah, though she was no more,
Then swallow'd the poison like a lovier so brave,
And Vilikins and his Dinah lie both in one grave


Now all you young maidens take warning by her
Never not by no means disobey your go enor,
And all you young follows mind who you clap your
eyes on,                                             [po
Think of Vilikins and his Dinah, and the cup of cold


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