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Soldiers & sailors

Sailor's farewell

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            The Sailor's


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COME you pretty Engliſh girls,
I muſt bid you adieu,
For I am going to Alexandria
To face the d ling ſoe.
Where musket balls are flying
And cannons loud do roar,
I am afraid my girls all,
I ſhall never ſee you more.

The Fourteenth of September,
We failed from Plymouth Sound,
With all our gallant officers
To Egypt we was bound,
With thirteen ſail of transports,
For we were warlihe boys
To go and fight the rebels
That cauſed the war to rise

When we came into Egypt
We anchor'd off the coast,
Some we cut up ſome we cut down,
Some dead lay on the ground,
Some houſes that we enter'd in
Some pretty girls we ſpy'd
Who on their beaded hnees did fall
And aloud for mercy cry'd,

So all you pretty Engliſh girls
Now ſee what we go through
And ſee what hardſhips we endur
For the ſake of loving you
To buy you rings and or naments
Your images to deck.
Whi ſt poor Jack Tar trudges along
In his tarpauling dreſs

Now the wars are over
We are once more come on ſhore
Unto our ſweethearts and wives
The girls whom we adore
We'll kiſs them and careſs them
And dreſs them out again,
We'll ſpend our gold upon them
That we got upon the main

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