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Sorrowful lamentation of Ship Eliza boun [sic] from Belfast to Qeebeck [sic] leaden [sic] with 200 passengers

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Come all men and weman that lives in Ireland,
I hope y u'l pa a en ion to these ew lines Lien
Concerning these poor passengers t at latel sal'd away,
On to d the ship Eliza bound for Amerika,

As we sall'd out from Belfast it worth! greive you a heats ful
Te leave this saintly Iseland I mean the Shamrock share
We d farewell to all our friends & those we left behind
And lof our parents to condole all with a troble'd mind,

It been on the 5th of April the Maria saild away
Most dread ul was the storm & dismal was t eases
For 14 davs and 14 oights as we may all Percet e
Expecting every moment ta meet a waterry gvave

When the Captain saw our danger its from the ship he drew
And lannering out a small boat to save hims If and crew,
He left us to the oce n to the perrich one a d all
But God he was our saveguard and prov'd his d down all,

For whe he saw the danger he never look'd chind
He thought to ve his p con lie in spit of sea or winds
The Lord on high he heard or ry & rov d his sad own all
That very night last his life the in the Island of saint Island of saint pauls,

We resign'd our soul to heaven and our bodies to the sea,
Expecting every moment that we would be wash'd away
There was Prest on board our ship he say's you may depnd
Come offer up your prayers with me and God will be yur

As Father John kept praying we stood all around
Expecting every moment to the bottom we'd go down
Our childrens cries did loudly rise would fill your hearts with
And early the next morning God sent as all relief,

Now to conclude and finnish I mean to end my lay
ti for the Rev'd Jhon Ohara let every christian pray
If mean that worthy Clergyman that saved us and our wives
He left us all safe in Queebeck our children and our wives,

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           P. Brereton Printer Lt Exchange St Dub

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