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Glories of Tara Hill

(17) Glories of Tara Hill

        The glories of Tara Hill.

Come all you loyal patriots I hope you will combine,
From east to west from shore ſo shore, around Hiber-
nia's isle,
To Celebrate that glorius day which memory do recal,
When our great Liberator stood in front of Tara,s h ll.

In the year of 45 on the twenty-second of May,
That glorious day, I well may say, recorded shall be,
On the royal hill of Tara, which thousands did prevail,
In union bands to join their hands with Dan for the

Such a sight was never seen no times no
It's boast in fame will long remain around Hibrrnia's
No pen or talent can describe the glories of that day
As there was seen on Tara's hill a matchless grand

There was Wexford, Wicklow, and Kildaro, sweet
Dublin & A dee,
Westmeath, King s County and Duldark most char-
ming for to see,
Cork, Limerick Trim, & Waterford, Strabane, sweet
On the royal hill of Tara stood the sign for the Repeal.

I topp'd this hill with heart and will, & cast my eyes
With a charming consternation I viewed from the
rising ground,
The approaching legions of the earth ad anoing from
With floating flags & beating drums, like thundering
claps of war.

In baflles my description to describe the slight to be
From the mountain of Tipperary to the lofty hills of
From the banks of Sweet Killarney, from galway to
Came as one man, for Dan to nelight their hearts with

For to see the flags of Drogheds, for their harmonious
With sacred, piour music, around the croppies ground
did stand,
Where is the heart that could not feel, or eye refuse
a tear,
To know that murdered victims for their country
were lying there.
thus advanced much farther, though a splendid arch
did pass,
Where I beheld some thousands on the hill attending
So many heads uncovered in pious, holy strain —
For to describe this charming sight agitates my brain

The hour of one thus came on, the time switt encir-
cling all,
I stooe upon a rising mountain in front of Tara's hall,
When lo ! the conquering hero comes, mid thunders of
A shout of exclamation rose that rent the towering

When the mighty liberator approach'd unto the hill,
Each heart throbbed with exullation and joy each
bosom filled,
To see that living hero going to mount his royal throne
With victory smiling on his brow, to Irish hearis was

In front of this great vehicle brave Dan stood up to
He viewed his mighty legions on the bill with glad
deuing eyes,
Ho stood erect took off his cap the countless crowd to
With three cheers for Queen Victoria, but 9,000 for

The mighty sovereign of the bill, you all may under-
Advanced to the platform, hailed by each succeeding
With flags and banners hoisted high on lofty Tara's
Each sounding tone was, we ll bring home our par-
liament again.

Come, rwuse my brave Repealers be obedsent
We'll understand to joiu heart and b
this cause,
Bright liberty beaming from aſar, and
To rally round the standard of O'

                    W. Balchia, Printer,

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