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Sir C Napier for Southwark

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Come all you lads of Southwark brave
Every calling, every trade,
Sing Britannia rules the waves,
And vote for Gallant Charley,

Charley is a sailor bold,
A man that's worth his weight in gol l
Rally heroes to the poll,
No man shall conquer Charley,

To the Commons send him in,
Where he will make them smile and grin
And Jemmy Graham the postman sing,
Oh, there's old Baltic Charley,

Vote for old Charley Napier,
He's the man to reef and steer,
He's the man no danger fears,
Hurrah for Gallant Charley,

Old Charley will the commons treat,
His opponent he is sure to beat,
He will give'em a touch of the Baltic fleet,
Flare up and vote for Charley,

What is Schovell in a squall
He cant the fore-sail overha l,
Why Schovell is no use at all,
And Southwark must have Charley,

Old Charley they did badly use,
They offered him honours he refused
And he l ma' e them tremble in their shoes
Oh strike me lucky says Charley,

dSouthwark mind what you are about,
They will strive to keep old Charley out,
Let every brave elector shout,
We'll vote for honest Charley

He is a man that we can trust,
He is a man upright and just
So in for Southwark go he must,
You never can better charley,

The ministers will weep and stare
When they behold old charley there,
A fig for the lot he does not care
He can beat the devil, can charley,
Hurrah, hurrah with three times three
He is the champion of the sea
Our gallant member he must be,
Then success to Baltic charley.

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