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Courtship & marriage

Is your rhubarb up

                Is Your

         RHUBARB UP.

Come all you lads and lasses and listeu for a while
I,ll siug a fuuuy ditty that will cause you for to smile,
A damsel passed me by and she wink'd her funny eye,
And she said my dear come try if your! rheubarbs? up.

I said my charmiug fair maid how came you here this wa
I,m glad to meet you my dear this pleasant summers day
Come gang along with me my love to, yonder shady tree
And I'll quickly let you see that the rheubarb's up.

We toddl'd both together theu as loving as you please'
The birds were sweetly singing & the leaves ou the trees
And while we there did lay how we did sport aud play,
And the damsel she did say, Oh; the rheubarb's up,

O my darling said I it youug aud in its prime,
Aud I think it is a folly in delaying of the time,
I gave her such a squeeze down uuderneath the trees,
And she said do as you please uow the rhaubarb's up.

Soon after this young damsel did smile at me and say,
I thought it young & growing but its wither'd quite away
Come let us have a lark for the is gettiugdark,
But you caunot hit the mark till the rheubarb's up,

Then I said my pretty fair maid I mean to tell you plain
If you meet me in the morning you will see it rise again,
By the drawing of the day if you chance to come this we
I am eertain you will say that the rheubarb's up,

Next moruiug very early, I met her near the place,
She fell into my arms and each other did embrace
Saying I'll leave my spoted cow for the fit comes on me-
Aud I'll gaug with you I vow for the rheubarb's up(now

Together we are liviuguow, I met her near the place,
In a pleasant little cottage with a gardeu sll around.
There's the lily pink aud rose, that in the garden grows,
Aud when the tide it does flow then the rheubarb's up.

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