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Parliament in 1856

(34) Parliament in 1856


Come all you good people young and old
And listen nnto me
To those few lines I pray attend,
It's about what is to be
The members are about to meet.
And with the Queen'sconcent,
They will commence their business
And open Parliament


There'll be peace makers and peace
breakers too
And Bills so monstrous q eer
And there is going to be a Jolly gh
With Graham and Napie:

The first of all that will come out,
It will be the ballot bill,
Then the poo counter Jnmpers,
will have to cry the r fill
Two children will exem you
And save a deal of both r
So all you that has got only one
Make haste and gel ano her.

The peace question is next on te li,
And to all its very plain,
The Emperor he wants six long months
To make up his ssrength again
Cobden Bright and all the rest,
For a patched up peace will cry
while Baltic Ch rley swears by George,
He'l knock out all their eyes

Jemmy G aham all the people say
Being training for same time
To catch up to Old Charly's weight
He's now just in his prime,
Aberdeen the great Odessa man
with th fldle between his shoulders,
He will be there upon the day,
To be his bottle bolder

I think I see ol Jemmy
Oh how he scratch and bites
He cau do a man an injury
Al hough be cannot fight
WhenCharly hit him on the no e
He will demand a parly
He's coming of the Russian dodg
So burst his boiler Charly

There will be Poll and Sal and Tom
Going to see the Queen
Some that is quite wide awake
And some tha s very sreen
There goes the queen cries peg-leg
Thats her thats passing bye
Look shes nodding as me now
Thats her that got one eye

Now come drink success to Charly
So may he well go through,
what the members of the Borough,
Have sent him there to do
Nothing picked up we must have
Nor none nf Prussias grease
Bat nothing but a sounn and good
and everlasting peace

So thus the sessions will g rou d
Thus end as it begun
So then her Majesty will thank them
For nothing they have done
Then like a chsp in porage
They are neither use nor harm
But God bless her gracious Maiesty
and keep her rom alarm

                      Dever, Printer
Great St Andrew Street, 7 Dials.

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