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Grand horticultural song

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                      THE GRAND


Come all you good people I pray now attend,
And listen awile to the e verses I've penned,
And when you have heard them It will cause you to
Although they're mixt up with a sprinkling of chaff,

Now this glorious ┼┐ete as you very well know,
I mean this grand Horticultural Show,
Which for splender of art sir and nature combin'd,
I'll warrant not all over England you'll find,

For the prizes that given for plants in full bloom,
From the Stove or the Greenhouse, you'll see very
Gives a challenge to England ay, all the world o'er.
To encourage industry and forward the poor.

Here are plants thats herbaceous and annuals too,
And the finest Geraniums that ere met your view,
With Calceolarias and Fuschias so fine.
And beautiful Cape Heaths just now in their prime,

Next groups of Cut Flowers which makes a grand
Looks extremely fine when arrang'd in a row,
And pairs of Carnations a splendid sight makes,
Of Crimson and Scarlet Bizarre and Rose Flake.

May be shown up in pairs of varieties,
Besides the best pairs of distinct Picotees,
The next prize is for Dahlias which every one knows,
Is a Beautiful Flowers the next is the Rose.

Then follows the prizes for Fruits and the Pine,
Then the Grapes which are reckon'd the parents
of wine,
With Peaches and Nectarines and Melons so rare,
With Cherries and Raspberries and Strawberries so

Next comes the Gooseberries red white, and green,
The next is for Currants the best ever seen,
Then follows the Cottagers plants and his fruits,
Wih the finest Potatoes the king of all roots.

Then next is for Cabbage and Carrots so fine,
Together with Turnips and Onions combine,
A few more &cs. but never a plum,
And my schedule of prizes in this class is done,

Now the next is a sight that was never seen before,
Although in Northampton thus many a score,
Of as clever Mechanics as ever sat down,
To make boot or shoe in country or town,

The famous Prizes Leg, yes, the leg of a boot,
That was made by a tradesman of no small repute,
A Specimen rare go and see it don't f iuch,
You'll see seventy stiches sewn into the inch.

At the sign of the Eagle near the Barrack's you'll see,
If you call there this grand curiosity,
I'm sure it will surprise you so just drop in I beg,
And just take a sight of the famous prize leg.


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