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Courtship & marriage

Devil among the ladies or the women turned boxers, for the sake of the handsome coachman


          DEVIL among the LADIES


        The WOMEN turned BOXERS,

    For the ſake of the HANDSOME COACHMAN ;

                    TOGETHER WITH

           An Excellent New SONG.

THE following is an Account of a
droll affair which took place a few
days ago,in the neighbourhood of Port-

A young Lady of great beauty, and
splendid fortune, conceived a violent
attachment for her coachman, a smart
young fellow, little more than 20.—
In the meantime John was paying his
addresses to Sally, the young Lady's
maid, little thinking how high he stood
in the good graces of his rich mistress.
One day while Sally was dressing her
lady, she began to speak very loud in
John's praise, asking Sally, at the same
time, what she thought of him. Sally,
without hesitation, gave her opinion of
the dear object of her affections, telling
her lady at the same time,that if things
went well with them,they would shortly
be married.—Her ladyship enraged at
this unexpected intelligence, gave Sally
a box on the ear—Sally returned the
compliment, and at it they both went.
The Lady rung the bell with such fury
that it alarmed all the servants in the
house. They all hurried up stairs as fast
as they could to their mistress's apart-
ment, and with much difficulty sepera-
ted them

Sally in a fit of rage and de-
ſpair, ruſhed out of the houſe,
and ran with all her ſpeed to
Paddington Canal, where ſhe
threw herſelf in. A gentleman
paſſing by at the time, reſcued
her from a watery grave, and
had her conveyed home to her
friends, where ſhe now lies dan-
gerouſly ill.

Printed by J CATNACH, Monmouth-Conrt, 7 Dials.

            A New SONG.

COME all you gallant ladies gay,
And maids that are as blyth as May,
The Ladies have found a new way,
For love they go a boxing :
A lady lives in —— street,
And has a dressing maid so neat,
Their secrets they could not keep,
Both lov'd a handsome Coachman,
Fa la la. &c.

One day when dressing of her hair,
The lady said I do declare,
John is a very handsome man,
Only observe his features "
The maid was dumb and durst not say,
Thinking that she should lose the day,
In secret then she pin'd away,
All for the handsome Coachman.

The lady to be drest next day,
All for her maid she sent streightway,
But she refus'd to come they say,
Behaving very saucy :
The lady knew not what to do,
She check'd her for her fault also,
She says ' my lady it is so,
I love your handsome Coachman.'

The lady she contriv'd a plan,
For to see her favourite man,
At dinner time she did him see,
And thought him very pretty :
She ask'd him if he'd be a bride,
And in her coach with her should ride,
And always shall walk by my side,
Tho' You have been my Coachman.

The maid not liking of the fun,
Unto the lady she did run,
To dress her hair she then begun :
And gave her ears a boxing :
The lady return'd the compliment,
In earnest then streightway they went,
They box'd it out to their hearts content,
All for the handsome Coachman.
The maid she would no longer stay,
But to a river went streightway,
Resolv'd she was that very day,
To end her life for ever :
But she was taken out they say,
And to her friends convey'd away,
The lady she has won the day,
All with the handsome Coachman.

Now to conclude and make an end,
I hope these lines will none offend,
For it is more than I intend,
Tho' the DEVIL'S among the LADIES.
The Tailors once did bear the sway,
And kick'd the Devil quite away,
Success attend the the lady gay,
      That she may box the Coachman
            Fal la la, &c.

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