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Louis Kossuth's welcome to England

(15) Louis Kossuth's welcome to England


         Welcome to England.

COME all you gallant Britons bold
Of high and low degree,
Welcome to Britannia's shores
That friend of liberty.
That noble Louis Kos uth
Who so manfully did fight,
Against the Austrian tyrants to
Obtain his country's right.
Welcome noble Kossuth,
Thou friend of liberty,
Thrice welcome to Britannia's shore,
From every tyrant free.

Oh ! Kossuth if you had been here
When Haynau crossed the main,
To peep into a rewery
To smell the English grains
Where Barclay and Perkins's draymen
Put Hagnau to the rout,
And shoved his ugly carcass
In a butt of British stout.

The brewer's chaps broke Haynau's back,
And played him such a rig,
Old women shouted there he goes
The treacherous pig.
They cracked his nose and tore his clothes,
And smothered him in beer,
And sent him to Vienna
With a flea stuck in his ear.

The people of Southampton
Did Kossuth high respect,
All corners of that ancient town with
Laurels they did deck.
And the great Lord Mayor of London
Invitation sent we see,
To that brave Hungarian general,
That friend of liberty.

It was for independence
Kossuth did nobly fight,
It was to crush a tyrant
And obtain his country's right.
But treachery conquered Kossuth,
Where freedom was denied,
And many a noble general
For honour bled and died.

Many an innocent female was
Flogged and slain beside,
No sympathy wac to them shown
When they for mercy cried.
Kossuth with his life escaped,
By miracle we see.
But now he is on Britain's isle
Crowned with liberty.

From a dismal dungeon Kossuth
Now has stemmed the briny wave,
To Brita'n's isle, where he can smile,
And all protection have.
Free from his cursed tyrants grasp—
He strove for to defeat.
For his Hungarian brethren his
Noble heart does beat.

Britannia's sons your voices raise,
And shout with three times three,
Kossuth and independence,
Freedom and liberty.
So manfully his country's rights
He struggled to obtain,
While his old enemy Haynau
Was soused in brewer's grains.

Disley, Printer, Arthur-street, Oxford-street

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