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Courtship & marriage

Wonderful shape



Come all you free jokers give ear to my song,
Of a comical ditty that's not very long,
A story I'll tell of a wonderful ape,
For in front there was placed a most beautiful shape.


No one was to come nigh it,
But them that lay by it,
To handle or spy it,
This wonderful shape.

In Wingate we hear if the truth they do tell,
Here they have got the shape in it as well ;
In Hyde Park in London it ought to have gone,
In the great Exhibition it should have been shown.
This shape is the queerest that ever was seen,
It divides in the middle and a hole in between,
The inside was red the out rather rough,
You may truely believe it was elegant stuff.

A person we hear with fashions in rolls,
This wonderful shape he wished to unfold,
One day it by chance popped into his way,
He wished to handle it she kindly said nay.
She being rather displeased then at his intent,
For to tell her husband away home she went,
A person you know he is worse than a rake,
For quite out of order he has put my shape,

So then for the damage to court she him brought,
They very soon saw he had done it no hurt ;
The magistrates asked where her shape it did lie,
She very soon shewed them or at least very nigh.
It's then into laughter the party burst out,
Take care of your shape the youngsters did shout,
They ordered her home with expenses to pay,
And to fettle her shape without more delay.

So all you young females when you do get wed,
The secrets keep of your new marriage bed,
And don't let them know like the wonderful ape,
Who told all the secrets concerning her shape.

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Good morning lovely Flora,
I am glad to meet with you,
Thy jet black locks are drooping,
Tinged with the morning dew.
The sunny ray will cheer the day,
The lark doth sweetly sing,
Haste, haste, my dearest Flora,
For to wear the bridal ring.

Begone deceitful Edwin,
Thy vows I disregard,
You bought that pledge for Susan,
It is truly her reward.
If I the bridal knot should tie,
My parents' grief 'twould bring,
Why, why,should I forsake them,
For to wear the bridal ring.

Since thou so slightest me,
I'll join in chains of Hymen
To one more kind than thee,
A goddess fair this pledge shall wear,
For time is on the wing,
So to morrow fair Elvina
Will wear the bridal ring.

Stay, stay, replied fair Flora,
For ne'er can I deny,
To church we'll gang together,
The wedlock knot we'll tie.
Then merry bells will sound o'er dells,
The nymphs and maidens sing,
For to celebrate young Flora,
Who'll wear the bridal ring.


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