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Bombardment of Algiers, or, downfall of slavery

(2) Bombardment of Algiers, or, downfall of slavery

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              OR, DOWNFALL OF


Painted Sold by J. PITTS No 14 Grea St. Andrew
                    Street, Seven Dials

COME all you British Seamen bold, wherever
you may be.
I pray now give, attention and listen unto me,
It's of a glorious victory so soon you shall hear,
Obtained by Lord Exmouth over haughty proud
'Twas on the 14th day of August from Gibralter
we set sail, (sant gale,
Kind Neptune favoured us with a sweet and plea
With courage bold and daring to the S. E. we did
steer                    (fear.
Gur gallant fleet was so complete, no danger didwe
'Twas on the 27th of Auguſt just at the break of
day, (Bay,
We hove in sight of Algiers, and stood in for the
A flag of Truce we sent on shore, to know their
full intend,                    (terms consen: ,
Whether they were resolved to fight or to ish
Our flag of Trice being refas'd the signal then
was made,                (mast head,
For to prepare for Action was answered at each
For to abolish Slavery it was our whole design,
And fortune seem'd prosperous and to us did incline
The first was the Queen Charlotte, that gallant
ship of fame,
And well she is deserving to bear that noble name
The first broadside she gave to them she made them
indeed wonder                (like thunder,
The next was the Leando bold, she poured in like
Next was the Superb down to the Batteries she
bore                            did poor.
Her British shot like hailstones, all on them, she
Resolved to die or conquer Britain's rights for to
maintain. (rules the main
And crowns each glorious Victory while Britain
Next ship was the Impregnable, not one did her
excell                                  (well.
Likewise the bold Albion she played her part right
The Hebrus and Granicus severn and Glasgow,
Did their best endeavours tbe Infidels to overthrow
The rest of our squadron too tedious tor to name,
They poured in their broadsides, with fire, smoke,
and flame                                  (ternoon
Both shell and shot it flew so hot all on that after
The like was not ever on the glorious first of June.
Our RocKets they began to play, which put them
in amaze.                                 (a blaze,
Their Magazine blew up, their shipping was in
For full nine hours or more, we had a constant fire
Resol ving to gain the Victory or every man expire
So now my Brother Sailors; the Victory we have
Whilst Britannia sat smiling viewing of her son ,
Let every man fill up his glass and then loudly ng
Here's a health o brave Lord Exmouth and long
live the King.

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