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Brags of Washington

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         The Brags of Washington.

COME all you brave ſeamen, and landſmen
That have got an inclination your fortunes to riſe,
That have got an inclination to fight the proud
And ſoon we'll let you know that we are the ſons
of Britain. Fal, lal.
As for the brags of Waſhington, that never can
There is Carlton and Clinton have ſhewn their
There is Darby and Rodney commanders of the
And many a brave fellow is waiting for promo-
And if you meet a privateer, or a loſty man of war,
We never ſtand to wrangle, to jangle, or to jar,
We give them a broadſide, and ſay, my lads take
care O,
And keep your proper diſtance from an Engliſh
man of war O.
And if they will not fight us, but from us run
All with our heavy chain-ſhot we'll cut their
maſts away,
And if they will not yield to us, nor unto us fur-
We'll ſplit their ſhip in pieces, and to the bottom
ſend her.
As for the brags of Waſhington we care not a pin,
We will fire at his breaſt-works, and make him
let us in,
Our bomb ſhells and cannons ſhall roar like
mighty thunder,
And by our conſtant ſiring we will make them to
And when the wars are over, if ſortune ſaves our
We will bring great ſtore of riches to our ſweet-
hearts and our wives.
And drink a health unto the lad that has a heart
to inter,
That man can never gain a prize that is afraid to

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