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Trades unions of England, Huzza

(13) Trades unions of England, Huzza

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            THE TRADES
         Unions of England,

Come all you bold Britons attend to my rhymes,
I'm just going to give you a sketch of the times,
So give ear, high and low, you will find by those
The strength of the famed British Unions,
The Enions of England, Huzza.

There's the tailors & shoemakers, masons likewise,
The plasterers and bricklayers strongly do rise,
The nobs of this country are struck with surprise
To behold the brave men of the Unions,
The true British Unions, Huzza.

We've the coalheavers, sawyers, and labourers too,
Tanners and painters, and glaziers a few,
All bravely united, courageous and true,
To stick up for the rights of their trades, sir,
Success to the Unions, huzza.

All over Great Britain they're nobly combin'd,
And some great alteration we shortly may find,
They are liberal, generous, valinnt and kind,
Hurrah for the true british Unions,
The Unions of England, Huzza.

Tho' the 6 men of Dorchester sails o'er the deep,
The Unions will not see their families weep,
They will prosper, alas, when oppressors shall sleep
And their names shall henceforth be recorded
By the Unions of England, Huzza !

By the w— and the t— we've long been opprest,
Crush'd down by taxation and drove to distress,
Their motto is—shall we from slavery rest ?
We will—cries the true British Unions,
The Unions of England, Huzza !

See the shamrock and rose, and the thistle unite,
Like the true sons of freedom stick up for their right
All the threats they hold forward will never affright
The true British sous of the Unions,
The Unions of England, Huzza !

There's Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool too,
Derby, Leicester, and Nottingham, valiant & true,
From the Lands-end of England to Scotland thro'
The numbers are daily increasing.
The Unions of England, huzza !

England, Ireland, and Scotland united shall be,
Till from bondage and slavery Britons are free,
Here's the shamrock, the rose, and the thistle all 3,
So bravely combin'd in the Union,
The Union of Freedom, huzza !

Three cheers for the brave men of Dorchester give,
Three groans for the t— and two for the w—,
Let every true Briton as long as he live,
Give three cheers for the true british Unions,
The Unions of England, Huzza ! J. Morgan.
         Printed by Taylor, 16, Waterloo Road

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