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Prince Albert and the Great Britain

(10) Prince Albert and the Great Britain

Prince Albert and Great Britain !

TUNE—Hearts of Oak ; or, Bricks and Mortar.

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Come, all ye loyal men, who dwell in our land,
Great Britain's noble ship will be launched by royal hand,
On the auspicious morn when Prince Albert will be down
From Windsor's royal castle to Bristol ancient town.
       Great Britain is the word—Great Britain we will sing,
       Long life to Prince Albert, and our beloved Queen !

Bristolians ! all unite to honour on the day
The Consort of our Queen whilst proceeding on his way
Through our loyal city, attended by his train,
To launch the Great Britain, ere she floats upon the main !
              Great Britain is the word, &c.

Ten thousand, thousand voices in honor resound,
To the majestic ship, through all the nations round ;
She'll proudly cross the waters, the largest on the sea,
And Bristol's fame be spread, as well it ought to be !
              Great Britain is the word, &c.

Our Mayor and Corporation will with the Prince unite,
To add unto the splendour of England's greatest sight ;
In state all will appear, and citizen's display
True loyalty to Albert whilst on his royal way !
              Great Britain is the word, &c.

Safe may the mighty ship' cross o'er the wondrous ocean,
And Neptune ever sway the billows from commotion :
May British tars, and British hearts, on board bo all secure
And spread Great Britain's glory to many distant shore !
              Great Britain is the word, &c.

God bless the noble Albert, and England's fairest Queen,
And may Great Britain's might through different nations
teem ;
Britain's skill and enterprise shall meet with high renown,
Her lofty ship—her lofty ship, shall gifted science crown !
              Great Britain is the word, &c

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