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Royal little dear's wants

(25) Royal little dear's wants

The Royal Little Dear's Wants

             TunePretty Little Dear.

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COME all my loving subjects of every degree
In England, Ireland, and Scotland,
wherever you may be,
I'm going to be married, I am turned seventeen,
I'm like my royal mother, I want to be a queen.
I am your Princess Royal,
Handsome, charming, sweet and gay,
And you must buy me all those little things,
Against my wedding day.

I want so many articles, and buy them now you
For a my royal wedding there will be a pretty fuss
I want a handsome crinoline of Californian gold
so bright,
And I want a Prussian husband to cuddle me at

I want some chairs and tables, and a new Jack
Sheppard hat,
Some napkins and a cradle, and a thit g to hold
the pap ;
I want a silver bustle large, and a counterpane
all red,
And a handsome little what's a name,goes under-
neath the bed.

I want a silver frying-pan, of crockeryware a lot
I want a silver poker, and I want a golden pot ;
I want a kitchen fender &I want a German broom
If my husband does not please me well, I will
wop him round the room.

I want some sheets and blankets, and a bottle to
hold gin,
I want a silver teapot and I want a rolling pin ;
I want a handsome candlestick to light us up to bed
And I want a muslin nightcap for my dear hus-
band's head.

I want a little spaniel for to play upon my lap,
A magpie, end poll parrot, & a little tabby cat
And when I'm nine months married, oh, how
happy shall I be,
I shall want a little girl and boy to dandle on my

I want a pail and scrubbing brush, plates and
dishes, such a lot,
A flannel,and a washing-tub, a pitcher, & a mop
I want some German sausages, and rabbits,
nicely done,
And I want a large clothes basket for to fetch hot
Chelsea bnus.

I want nine yards of calico,I want a new silk shawl
I want a farthing ncedle, & a halfpenny cotton ball
A wooden norse to dry my clothes I also shall
And I want a farthing's worth of wood to light
the psrlour fire.

I want a fine perambulator, made of silver, ash,
and popham,
To draw about our little kids, I mean, when we
have got 'em ;
I want a little monkey with my little girls to toy,
And I want a great big donkey for to please my
little boy.

I want all pretty maidens to be advised by me,
All you that's aged seventeen, oh ! quickly mar-
ried bə ;
For if you don't you'll rue it,right sore I am afraid
So get a man now while you can, say, never die
a maid.

My husband wants a pair of boots, that will keep
out the dirt,
A pair of muslin breeches, and a good strong
calico shirt ;
He wants some John Bull coppers, for to keep
away all strife,
I want a loving husband, & he sadly wants a wife

I wish that I was married, I really do, oh dear !
The —th day of January, that will soon be here,
I wish it was to-morrow, it would fill me with
I am seventeen come Sunday, oh ! I long to be a
Then like your Princess Royal,
Pray get, married pretty girls,
I would not live a single life,
No, not for all the world.

Rial & Co., Printers, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials.

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