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Emigration & farewells

Cold winter is past

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            Cold Winter is


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COLD Winter is Past.
Pleaſant ſummer come at last,
And ſmall birds on every green tree,
THe hearts of those are glad,
WHile mine is very ſad;
For my true love is abſent from me.
ſhculd not think is strange,
The wide world to range
If I could but find my delight,
I am forced to remain,
And in ſorrow to ſpend the whole night,
I'll combback my hair,
And my livery I'll wear,
I'll dreſs myſelf in velvet ſo green
All things I'll undertake.
For my truelove's ſake,
While he rides in the borough of Kildare
I'll Dut on a ſuit of black,           
With a frige about my neck
And gold rings on my fingers I'll wear
Straightway I will repair,
To the borough of Kildare,
And there I'll get a flight of my dear.
With patience I did wair,
While he rode for the plate,
Expecting young Johnſon to ſee,
But fortune Proved unkind,
To that darling of mine,
A nd he's sent to the Loughens for me,
My,love is like the fun,
That in the fir mament does run,
Which always prove constant and true
But yours is like the moon.
Which wonders up and down
And every month it is new,
Farewell my joy and heart,
Since you and I must part,
You are the finest Lad that e'er I ſee,
I never do deſign,
To alter my mind,
Altho' you are below my degree.

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