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John Bull's invitation to Bonaparte

(11) John Bull's invitation to Bonaparte

          JOHN BULL's
   Invitation to Bonaparte.

A NEW SONG.---Tune, " A Cobler there was."


THE Chief Consul declares that to England he'll come,
Tho' there's some won't believe it, and think it a hum ;
But should it prove true, and he brings his Monsieurs,
Some of them may go back without head or ears.
Derry down, down, &c.


In flat bottom boats they swear to come over,
And, if nothing prevents, to land safe at Dover ;
But we have a few TARS, in our CASTLES of OAK,
That will shew these fine Frenchmen that fighting's
no joke.
Derry down, down, &c.


But if BRITONS unite, 'tis in vain to contend,
And it matters but little how many they send ;
For the more they send over, the more will be slain,
And the more we kill off, the less will remain.
Derry down, down, &c.


Let them come when they will we're ready to meet
With powder and shot in great plenty to greet 'em ;
We have Millions of Warriors who never will fly,
For our Warriors are BRITONS, who'll conquer or die.
Derry down, down, &c.


Like lions we'll fight, for just is our cause ;
In our GOD is our trust, he has long been our friend,
Our Foes he will scatter, and VICTORY send.
Derry down, down, &c.

                                   A Volunteer.

One Halfpenny each, or 50 for 1s. 6d. or 2s. 6d. per Hundred for distribution.
Printed for J. GINGER, 169, Piccadilly ; where a variety of Patriotic
Hand-Bills and Songs may be had.

WHEELER, Printer, 57, Wardour Street, Soho.

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