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Welcome Frost to England

(21) Welcome Frost to England


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JOHN FROST at the age of 40.

Cheer up, cheer up my gallent lads,
And haste away my hearties,
To welcome this day with a loud huza
Old brave John Frost the chartist,
To London town of high renown
He comes, then gladly greet him,
For every man throughout the land,
So joyfully should meet him.


So bold and brave he stem'd the wave
Cheer up this day all parties,
And welcome with a loud huza,
John Frost the gallent chartist.

From Lancashire they do repair,
And warwickshire to greet him,
So they roll along in thousands strong
This glorious day to meet him ;
Forget the day "I can't" says he,
I oling to emreys fountoin,
When Jones and me and Williams 3,
Went over Monmouth mountains.

The sufferings he did endure,
When banished from the Nation
No tongue can tell we must be sure,
Oh how dreadful was his station.
On a foreign land to work in chains,
In misery they lead 'em
It was because they broke the laws,
And shouted death and freedom.

Since Frost his native land did leave,
We have lost Furgus O Connor,
Yet old John Frost is now returned,
Advanced in age and honour,
The world did say ere he went away,
That Frost was just a true sort
For over the hills and far away,
Did he ead the lads of Newport.

Come fill a bumper to the brim,
And drink success to parties,
In harmony let britons sing,
Now comes John Frost the ehartist
For he was a man in Newport chair,
when he was mayor and there sat
So let the world say what they will
Oh he is still a man for 'a that

From far and near, from every shire,
No matter what each trade is—
Come w elcome Frost this glorious day
And sing God bless the ladies
whate'er his enimies say,
Like Britons never heed e'm
So welcome home with a lond huzza,
Old Johnny Frost and freedom.

Frost has got foes w e may be sure,
Still he has friends too plenty
For though grey his hairs, advanced
in years,
And past the age of seventy,
He is hale and strong, may he live
So unto glory lead 'em—
And cut away by night and day,
For liberty and freedom.

W DEVER, Printer, Great St. Andrew
                      Street 7 Dials,

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