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Release of C S Parnell

(24) Release of C S Parnell

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                      Release of

          C. S. PARNELL

The chain is broken again, he's free, our hope
and Ireland's pride,
The hills re-echo far and near, and across the
Atlantic wide ;
Around the coast the cry re sounds, our Black
Bird he is free.
Back again to Avondale to fight for liberty.

                      CHORUS —

Then gather to sweet Avondale, to welcome
from his cell,
The chosen leader of our race, Charles Stewart

In Kilmainham he was held down on suspicion
of a crime,
The warders key was in his door to answer tick
and time,
Six weary months he spent in jail, but now we
are glad to say
After skilly, water, and tyranny, he's with honour
crowned to-day.

Parnell, O'Kelly, and Dillon they have fought
our many cause,
Despite the threats of tyrants, and their mean
Coercion laws,
Back again to Parliament the Cloture to defeat,
No gagging for true Irishmen, though chained
down hand and feet.

Through the hills of Wicklow I hear the Night-
Singing round the happy home of famous Avon-
Awake you Sons of Erin's Isle, who is gallant,
true and bold,
To follow with your chosen chief, to fight the
cause of old.

When foreigners and invaders our rights did all
To the front a hero came our cause to patronise,
Go search the world o'er and o'er there's none
has fought so well,
To right the cause of Ireland as O'Connell and

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