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Crime & punishment

Erin's rights

               Erin's Rights,

And O'Connell for ever Huzza.

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By the old hills of Tara one morning I wandered
Scarce knowing which way that I strayed,
For those state prosecutions my mind had so
When I turn'd and beheld a sweet shade,
'Twas the shade of St. Patrick, in glory so bright
It gazed upon me with a smile of delight,
And said Erin sweet Erin shall soon have her
And O'Connell for Ever huzza.

Have faith said the shade tho their bills of Coer-
I know you severely do feel,
But the time will come when you'll see the rev-
For O'Connell will get a repeal.
Oh then peace & plenty in each cot shall be found
Once more trade & commerce thro our Island
And Erin's old harp it so sweetly shall sound,
O'Connell and Erin go bragh.

Tho now he's surrended by the Enemies of Erin,
In Dublin four courts to be tried,
He'll tell them the law when he once gets a hear-
Which will soon turn the table aside,
In their bill of indictment he'll soon find a flaw
For Daniel he is a true limq of the law, (jaw,
He'll give them a rub which will soon stop their
So O'Connell for ever huzza.

Through the Abiss of space said the shade as I
Tencountered three shades of great worth,
Till they knew of my errand they each of them
At my hasty journey to earth,                 (dwell
The first it was Saarsfield who in Limerick did
Next Lord Fdmond Fitzgerald who so glorious-
ly fell
And lastly young Emmett who you all knew so
But O'Connell & Erin go Bragh.

While engaged for our good base foes was him
And spies set in every street,         (crown him,
But he does them defy so with glory we will
For his foes he will surely defeat, (entwine
A wreath of leaf shamrock round his brow we'll
And across the broad atlantic his deeds will
appear sublime,                                (shine,
And his name as liberater through Europe will
                                                      O'Connell &c,

O then with a blessing the shade then departed,
Once more to the realms of bliss,
Then a prayer for O'Connell I fervently started,
Which I did not think was amiss.
It exclaimed with delight Dan O'Connell agra,
For he'll floor in a jiffey those imps of the law,
So Hiberneen Mavourneen Sweet Erin go bragh,
                                                      O'Connell &c.

Paul, Printer. Gt. St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials

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