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New Guy Fawkes speech

(21) New Guy Fawkes speech

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A New Guy Fawkes Speech,


IN the year 1605, and in the reign of James the First, a Cabal, consisting of Jesuits,
Gentlemen and others, with Guy Fawkes, were determined restoring the Roman Catholic
religion : they first intended to kill the King ; but his Sons they thought would be left ; and
even if they were dead, still there would be the Nobles and Gentry remaining ; they then
agreed to blow the whole up in the air at once, two children excepted ; the Duke of York
who was very young, and the Princess Elizabeth his sister, who they were to make Queen.
They then by cunning conveyed a great quantity of Gunpowder under the Parliament-
house carefully covering it with coals and faggots, and over that they placed great iron bars
and stones, and on that memorable day, when the Parliament were to meet, they
designed to put in execution their diabolical plan.

But tho' Old Nic was their friend, the plot
        was found put,
A letter was sent which soon brought it a bout ;
Lord Monteagle received it, and found it
        so dark,
That he show'd it Lord Salisbury, who
made this remark ;
Sure some madman or fool has written
        this letter ;
But I'll show it the King for I think I had
        better ;
And the King when he saw it, his thoughts
        did declare,
" They mean to be sure to blow us up in
the air !"
They then with surprise, cried out, " Sire,
        indeed !
" We'll soon search then beneath," and
        they hasten'd with speed ;
And there Guy Fawkes they beheld with
lanthorn and match,
With his ready-laid train, the whole to

They seiz'd the base villain, who thus did
" O ! had I known your design, I'd have
        soon lit the train,
And blown every one, as light as a feather
All up in the air, and myself too together."
Good folls now behold his image is here,
He looks like Guy Fawkes, and pf him we'll
        take care ;
And for his base crimes we will him upraise,
And while he is hanging we will give him
        a blaze ;
Then a halfpenny spare us to give him a
For hang him, we'll burn him as soon as
        its Night.
And may heaven preserve us from wretches
        so base,
And may those who are honest be put in
        their place.
                God save the King,

Printed and Sold by E. Billing, 187, Bermondsey Street

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