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Napoleon on the Isle of St Helena

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            Napoleon on the Isle
                 of St. Helena.

Bony is gone from the wars of all fighting,
He has gone to the place where he never took delight in,
Oh there he may sit and tell the scenes he seen ah !
While forlorn he may mourn on the Isle of St. Helena.

Louisa doth mourn for her husband departed,
She dreams when she sleeps and awakes broken-hearted
Not a friend to console her, even those that might be with
But she mourns when she thinks on the Isle of St Helena.

Come all you that have got wealth beware of ambition,
For it is a decree in fate that might change your condition,
Be ye steadfast in time for what is to come you know not,
For fear ye might be changed like he on the Isle of St.

The rude rushing waves all around the shores are washing,
And the great billows heave and the wild rocks dashing,
He may look to the moon of the great Mount Diana,
Brave Napoleon on the Isle of St. Helena.

No more in St. Clends will he be seen in such splendour.
Or go with his crowds with the great Alexander,
For the young Prince of Rome and the king of Ganah,
Says he will bring his father home from the Isle of St. Helena

The Parliament of England and your Holy Alliance,
To a prisoner of war you may now bid defiance,
For your base intrigues and your base misdemeanors,
Have caused him to die on the Isle of St. Helena.

                 A NOW SONG ON THE

         Downfall of the Chignons

Good people all now pay attention while I unto you relate,
All the curioas fashions the ladies has to decorate their pate,
They have got another fashion since the crinolines are goes
A great big thing all full of hair on their poles called a chignon


So old and young both lame and lasy,ladies they must everyone
No matter whether crooked or casy have a thundering big

The other day as I was walking just by chance I did meet,
With two old women and they were talking going down the
One of them was really gummy the other about ninety one
And each did wear I do declare a grenadiera hat for a chignon

You'd think they were recruiting parties all that you would
Going promenading at half-past seven down the street,
They have so many ribbons flying to decorate their head,
And fora chignon they have folded the bolsters on ther head

I saw upon a dairyman's daughter the other day en the coombe
A big chignon and help me bob it looked just looked an a
It was such a weight on her pate that all the hair pins gave
When out did drop a hatters block, and just about a st of

They have those chignons in every form the akull crache
can invent
From a bee-hive to a barrel knittty pole to ornament,
It makes no differ about ages eld or ugly, short or long,
Humpy-backed, or fiddle-faced, all must have a big chignon

You'd really think these dandy asses by their looks were all
Since they dropped wearing whiskers, bussel'd, and hooped
But since they got the saucer bonnets, light dresses, and big
They look like things to frighten crows the same shape as the
kitchen tongs,

Now I wonder the next new fashion the girls intend to wear,
To entice the boys it is their study night and day, I do dealers
Each one is vicing with the other trying which will take the
And form a plan to get a man, for fear of dying as old

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