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Courtship & marriage

New song called Dianna Kitty Anni Maria

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Been in the blooming spring wher the small birds sing,
I first met this charming little creature,
Her eyes they were as bright as the twinkling stars at night
And a kind snile did play on every feature,
I said toy dearest bell your name to me pray tell,
For your just about the sort I admire,
She tost her head & blushingly she said,
My name is Dianna Kitty Anni Maria;


If you should see her feet as she trips through the St
She is just about the sort to admire,
Shee's a beauty all complate & she lives in the St,
She is my darling Dinna Kitty Anni Maria,

She has a pretty little foot & a pretty little boot,
And a pretty little ancle too believe me,
She has a pretty little face & slender little waist,
And she looks like a girl that wont decieve me,
No lady in the land has such another hand,
She has a fortune too that's left her by her sire,
She's a beauty alltogether from her Bonnet to bootleather,
She's my dear Dianna Kitty anna Maria,

I took her to the ball & she far surpass'd them all,
If you were to see her going through the lancers,
On the light fantastic toe around about we go,
She really surprised all the dancers,
The polka she can dance with any girl in France,
I gave her every thing she did require,
I took her to the play to pass the time away,         
$he,s my dear Dianna Kitty anna Maria,

She can shing like any lark from daylight untill dark;
And I meain to take her out upon next season,
Blieve me it is true what I'm going to tell to you,
She is usefull upon every occasion,
Some singers I can see can only sing to G,
But she can sing an octave or two higher;
Single I'll no longer tarry for her I'll surely marry,
She's my dear Dianna Kitty Anna Maaria,

So now to end my song before it's very long,
To the Clergy we are going to give warning;
Who will join us both in one like a penny-bun;
Just 3 weeks from next monday-morning,
How happy we will be with our little family;
One boy & 3 girls we require,
The little boy you see must be christened after me,
And the girls Dianna Kitty Anna Maria,

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