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Royal nurses or, scandal defeated

(17) Royal nurses or, scandal defeated



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Attend yon Esher ladies all
And listen to me great and small,
While I a story do unſold.
Concerning the royal nurses bold,


Hey get along you Esher ladies,
It is contradicted about the gin,
Vicoria's royal nurses,
One popped out and another popt in

The people all was filled with wrath,
Of late against poor Mrs B—h.
They scandalized her round about,
Its a curs'd shame & is now found out

The ladies told some curious tales,
Concerning the Queen and prince of
And then oh dear what is far worse
Those false reports about the nurse.

Now all good ſolks you know right
Near esher a buxom miller does dwell,
His windmill weathers storms & gales
And his wife is nursing the prince of

Mrs B—r is her name,
And every neighbour knows the same,
When rumours ſlew about the gin,
Then Mrs B—r she popped in.

An old lady in ditton sung so keen,
And jumped from there to weston green
Bawling what a shame good lack a day
To take folks characters away.

An old tailor in cobham jump fop sport
From there right down to hampton
Then into hampton he quickly rolles,
When he tumbled over a load of coals

Lullababy the millers wife can sing,
Mrs B—h popped out and I pobped in
I will sit in the palace and tell some
and sing to the little prince of wales,

You blooming ladies all around,
Cobham esher and hampton town.
Althogh the people look with wrath,
And falsely treated Mrs B—h

The millers wife god bless her face,
Has got herself in a tidy place,
To the prince of wales she may sing
and shout,
I have just popped in and the other
popped out.

[NLS note: a graphic appears here - see image of page]

Printed for the Author J. Morgan 2, George Court-
          Great St. Anns Street, Westminster.

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