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(19) Something


        A Parody, on Nothing.

Pitts, Printer, Toy and Marble Warehouse
      6; Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials

ATTEND to my song and or something I'll sing
I've a that something is aseful to bring.
I've got something here, but what its about,                out
You must judge for yourselves when you've heard it all


There's something, in pleasure, there is something in
sarrow,                                       (borrow;
There's something in money. when you want for the
There's something in friendship, be it ever so flat,
If a man goes a courting, there is something in that.

If you look and see nothing, its name it will change.
Into something no doubt that will appear strange,
For ing's been lost for many years back,
And when it is found, there'll be something in that

Its something you know in love to be cross'd
Its something to lose all your Nose be the frost,
When men go a skating and tumble in slap,
To their chin in the water there's something in that.

There's something you know when a Parliament man,
Shakes hand with a mortal that searcaly can stand
Like O'Connell when pouring the whiskey down Pat
To elect him a member, there was something in that,

There was something you know in the Catholic bill,
A something each day people's moutas for to fill
But some folks that time was as blind as a bat
For when the bill passed there was something in that

If a man warns a wife and to have one is bent,
He's sure to get something it is makes him repeat
But when dukes and large folks goes on Battersea plat,
A fighting of duels there's something in that,

There's something in wedding, when a man brings his
From the church he sits down light and gay by her side,
He's jolly and merry, till Cupid give him a slap,
He's to bed in a wink, then there's something in that,

Its something when large folkd your pockets would
fleece,                                               [Police
Peer thought of something, when he thought of the
But the trade now round Louden appears very fiat
Tyburn's gate runway, now there's something in that
Its something to get a black eye from your wife
I call it something, that its nothing in life.
There's something in Gin, its so devilsh not
Its something to have a good joint in the pot,

Hyde-park gate took the sulks, & swears on his soul,
For the future he thinks he shall take no more toll.
But clap on a tax upon each horses back.
Now whenparliament meets there ll be something in that

There's something you know looks as black as my hat,
When great men cuts their throats, why there's some-
thing in that,
Its something to see John Bull taken in,
As lately he was by the Freuca Fire King,

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        William and Dinah,

    Pits, Printer, Toy Marble warehouse, 6 ,
        Geat st. Andrew street Seven Dials

IT'S of a liquor Merchant in london did dwell
He had but one child a beautiful girl
er name it was Dinah scarce fourteen years old,
She had a large portion of silver and gold.

Besides a large portion when her mother did die
Which made many a sweetheart to love and draw high
As Dinah was walking in the garden one day
Her father came to her and thus he did say'

Go Dinah anddress yourself in costly array.
for I've met with a young man both gallant and gay,
I've met with a man worth en thou and a year
He says he will make you his bride and his dear,

O honoured father, I am but a child,
And to marry so early I ne'er can abide,
O honoured dear father, I would freely give o'er
If you'd let me live single for three years or more,

Go boldest strumpet, the father then replied.
Since you have denied me to be this man's bride
I'll give away thy portion to some heir of thy kin
You ne'er shall reap the benefit of coe single pen.

Dinah wrote her love a letter with all haste and speed
And told her sweet William what her father had
Farewell my sweet William, for ever farewell
How dearly I loved you there is no tongue can tell

As William was walking the groves all around
He found his dear Dinah lay dead on the ground
With a cup of strong poison and a note lying by her side
'Twas my cruel father, cause my death so high,

He kissed her cold lips as she lay on the floor
And he called her his jewel ten thousand times
Then he drank up the poison like a lover so brave
There s William and Dinah both lies in one grav

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