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Crime & punishment

Sorrowful [sic] lamentation on the execution [of] Patrick Power

(16) Sorrowful [sic] lamentation on the execution [of] Patrick Power

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                  PATRICK POWER

Who suffered as Front of Wexford Jail on the 4th of April for the


Atend each feeling christian who now my fate bewail,
This day terminates my fate in front of wexford jail.
For the base & feerrul murder of my father I must die,
In bitter pain & aggony upon the gallows high,

Farewell this wicked world my hour is come at last,
And is my lonely prison ceil a dreary month I've pass'd,
Reflecting on my awful crime & my untimely doom,
At a early age to end my days cut down in health & bloom

My father Was a farmer & rear'd me tenderly,
Not far from Newtown Barry by hard industry,
xpecting when I'd be a man a help to him I'd be,
But alas I was his butcher which proves my destiny

For me there is no compasion for the awful deed I'v done,
To say a loveing father kind wasmurder'd by his son.
A far worse end I do deserve before you all this day,
But may God on high blot out my crime let every christian pray

On the 13th of october last to me a woful day,
By safaris curse'd temptation I my father did waylay,
On his return from the mill I did him assannate.
For which I'm sorry to the heart but now it is to late,

Being provide'd with a pitchfork to meet him I did go.
With which I gave him 15 stabs his blood in streams didflow
He crie'd to me for mercy his words were all in vain,
I left him lifeless on the ground for which I die in shame

At an early hour this morning what terror struck my brest
When the good Preist who atendedt me those worse to me ex-
Come take this Blessed Crusifix with courage & follow me,
You are going to face your Saviour who died on Calvary

As me dont permit me to delay I must asend the trap,
Where death is waiting on me till the hangman lets me
And while I stand upon the fail which ends my last sinful
Pray may the Lord mercy on the soul of patrick

Farewell my faithful priest aien that has atendid me,
And the pious Nuns of wexford that pure society,
Their instructions were most plasing & cnree'd my mind
All my hops I ace in Mary she's na Mother good & kind,

Farewell to Newtown Barry & my neibours one & all,
On watch & pray both night & day or you will surely fall
Let each wild & wicked youth a warning take by me,
Be gurded by your darents & avoid bad company,

      P. BRERETON, Printer, 1, Lt Exchange, Street, Dublin.

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