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Elegies & laments

Lamentable lines on the fatal burning in Westmorelan [sic] St where six persons were burn'd to dath [sic]

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        BURN'D TO DATH

Atend each Citizen both young & old,
And here in sorrow what I will unfold,
Of this fatal burning I main to state,
When six in number met their awful fate,         

In Westmoreland street on the 7th of june,
About 9 O clock in that sad afternoon,
When the fire broke oat soon the hous became
From bottom to top in one mass of flame,

Mr Delany true as wee do hear,
With his son that eyeing went to take the air,
And left bis family in health & bloom,
On his return they were all consumed,

Misess Delaney & her 3 danters fair,
And there faithful servant girl I do declare,
And young Mr Strahan has suffsred sore
His freinds & parents may well deplore.

This tender youth on that fearful night,
Left his fathers house with his heart's delight,
To see her home as it dose a pair,
Where he fell a victim with his lover dear,

The stoutest spirit it would break down,
To see these skelitans when they were found,
And well lamented by each feeling friend,
To think they met this untimely end,

In hitter screams amidst fire & smoke,
Both the fire esceape & ladders broke,
All rendered useless down ┼┐ell each floor.
With those bodies burned to rise no more,

It was most heartrending that night to see,
Those suffering victims in agony,
They call'd aloud for help but all in vain,
Alas they perished in the scorching flames,

To end those verses now I feel inclind,
God help the broken hearts that is left behind.
Now in Glasnevin in silent clay,
May their souls be hapy let each christian pray

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P.BRERETON, Printer, 1, Lr.

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