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New song on the liberation of Robert Kelly

(16) New song on the liberation of Robert Kelly

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                A NEW SONG ON THE

              LIBERATION OF

            ROBERT KELLY.

Attend both young and old to those lines I now unfold,
Strange news I will relate unto thee;
With joy to you I tell, from the cruel prison cell,
The gallant Robert Kelly is set free.


So Kelly now at home, and to him and God is known,
All the torture he endured for seven years,
In Spikeisland and Mountjoy, this darling ruined boy,
Is now free, but in broken health appears.

On the 12th, day of July, some person killed a spy,
Named Talbot to all patriots a foe,
For which Kelly was tried but that Crime he so denied
That the jury disagreed as we all know.

Then a second trial he stood and Butt done all he could,
And also Dr. O'Leary acted brave,
But guilty he was found by a jury packed and sound
Which has nearly sent poor Kelly to his grave.

Oh, what a happy change for him so long in chains,
To be free to tread his native land once more;
To bis wife and children dear it was happy news to hear
After all the brutal torture that he bore.

We hope the Lord above may bless the men who strove,
To defend their native country and its cause
Our boys have suffered sore as their fathers did before,
In prison cells chained down by cruel laws.

But in Dublin fair City respect we soon shall see
Shown to him and his afflicted family,
Much attention will be paid and subscriptions will be made
For a handsome testimonial as he's free.

There's a Lady of high state who was always good and great
The Marchioness of Queensboro I mean,
She has swat and will again to the families of snob men,
Money proofs of her great bounty as we've seen.

That poor Kelly may live long is the burthen of my song,
To enjoy the long-lost comfort of his home
As in truth we all should be right glad once more to see
help his native land like those that's gone.

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