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Queen's glorious speech

(15) Queen's glorious speech

The Queen's Glorious Speech

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BIRT, Printer, 39, Great St. Andrew Street,
Seven Dials, London.

ATTEND lo h grave and witty,
Who dwells in Town and City,
It's a song to amuse you I'm starting O !
The subject of my rhymes,
Is concerning of the times,
And I've set it to the tune of Betty Martin O !

In this world of locomotion,
Which sets all things into motion ;
A scene occurred at Windsor, that is sartin O !
And Victoria she was bent,
Not to open Parliament,
For she said it was all my eye and Betty Martin O !

Vic. and Al. sat at the table,
Says she, I am not able,
On a trip up to London to be starting O !
can't bear the rails din,
In he state that I am in ;
But that was all my eye and Betty Martin O !

Th;n they sent for Jacky Russell,
Who came down in a bustle,
And a speech they began to be starting, O !
So they patched up one together,
Which they thought was mighty clever,
But you'll find it's all my eye and Betty Martin, O !

Then Jack put on his hat,
And to London bolted slap,
And unlocked St. Stephen's gate, it is sartin O !
They all scrambled to their places,
With some truly comic faces,
For they knew was all my eye and Betty Martin O !

Then the Chancellor so grand,
He. took his speech in hand,
And he blew his nose quite clean, before starting, O!
Says he, my Lords and Gentlemen,
I hope you'll all attend
But that was all my eye and Betty Martin, O !

Then gravels he did say,
You know Vic. she's in the way,
That married ladies ought to he that's sartin, O !
So with your kind permission,
I'll just spit out my commission ;
Cobden cough'd, & cried my eye & Betty Martin, O !

There has been a great to do sir,
Between Austria and Russia,
Which will raise the price of fallow it is sartin, O !
And the Hungarians it is sartin,
Off to Turkey have been starting,
For to stop was all my eye and Betty Martin, O !

Then the Navigation Laws,
Has much excitement caused,
And the free trade chaps a dodge has been startng, O !
They are making of their brags,
They ll blow out the people's bags,
But their kindness is all my eye & Betty Martin, O!

Then in the land of pratees,
Where very scarce the mate is,
The murphys has got mealy that is sartin, O !
I am glad to find them quiet,
And not kicking up a riot,
For to quarrel is. all my eye and Betty Martin, O!

Then turning to the Commons,
Said he my Nobby Rum'uns,
As the Estimates are small, it is sartin, O !
A small trifle I shall want,
For to do without I can't,
To refuse, is all my eye and Betty Martin, O !

Then there is that grand improvement,
I mean the Sanitary movement,
That does away with all filthy night carting O !
The class I take delight in,
Is the Artificial Nightmen,
But that is all ray eye and Betty Martin, O !

But my song I now must end,
For I mean not to offend,
But there is one thing I am cock sure and sartin, O!
That none of yon I'm sure,
'Ere read such a speech before,
But you know it is all my eye and Betty Martin, O !

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