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Peep at the coronation

(14) Peep at the coronation

               Peep at the


At home in our village when we'd done our daily
The barber every night would read the news to each
              good neighbour,
I heard it all & did not stay for fathers approbation
But started up to Lunnun town to see the Coro-
              nation.                             (quite fluster'd,
Well, there I got and just at first I felt myself
To see all round Westminster such lots of people
              mustered,                                   (station,
But howsomdever in the crowd I got myself a
And there I waited anxiously to see the Ceronation
Some how a soldier's prancing horse he took fright
              at a dandy,                             (and randy'
And gallop'd in among the crowd so frolicksome
I was carried off my legs shoved on the elevation
So I got a seat for nothing to see the Coronation.
I sat myself down very still nobody came to rout
              me,                                                 (me,
I slily cast my eyes upon the Ladies sound about
The sun shone down so hot, they were in pres-
              piration,                               Coronation.
It melted all their red and white at the famous
Just at the moment I deciare procession it wur
              beginning,                             a grinning.
I seed dukes bishops, trumpeters, & ranky lords
I simply ax'd which wur the King, a man with
              irritation,                              Coronation.
Says, 'you're, a pretty fool to come to see a
At last the King himself did come drest up so fine
              oh dear me,                            (near me,
I never in all my life before had bad a King so
So graciously he made a bow to me & congregation
So I wur taken notice of at famous Coronation.
When this wur done I thought thinks I, I've seed
                 all that I can see.               (my fancy.'
o out I got and then I found, I had paid dear for
I'd lost a sovereign & my purse & on examination
My watch which never did go before did go at
Now tho's I've lost my money by some theif my
                 pockets fumbling           (to grumbling;
You maunt suppose that ever I do give my mind
I lift the sight so well that without the least
                 hesitation                          Coronation.
I'd lose another Sovereign to see another

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