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O'Connell & Granua in the Conciliation Hall

(8) O'Connell & Granua in the Conciliation Hall


      In the Conciliation Hall.

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As O'Connell &the members were talking of Erin
Poor Granua stept forward asking them what news
Saying are you preparing the repealers petition
That so long by sir Robert& the tories were abus'd
The national banquet on Contarf I'm sure will ,
break the tories heart,
The glories of old brien once mure he will recall,
Old Tara hill and Mullamast where old paddy's
sons they bled their last,
This conversation happen'd in the conciliation hall.

Our nation it is plundered by fraud and taxation,
Our factories are torn down our tradesmen sent to
beg,                                         (to America,
Our country left in ruin and deep decav emigrating,
Our absentes and gentrs to foreign countries taken
leg,                                                    (moan,
Tne poor is left to stay at home in poverey to sigh
No matter where the landlords roam for the rent
no loud will call, (the heart of paddy's sore
That money is spent on foreign shores which griev's
The grand conversation happen'd in conciliation

years and if I'd say more this country
has suffered sore                (a foreign land,
Hex children bansshed from her shore to work on
Some transported to botney bay more to America,
While some thousand poor inhabitants are left
struggling on our strand, (Europe surprise,
But now again we will arise and like Boney we'll
Bnd Daniel he'll open their eyes when for Repeal
we call,               (daunts the peoples man,
There as no tyrant Peel or ferocious clan can over
This Conversation happen'd in the concilliation

Poor Granua sighed and hudg her head till Henry
Grattan rose and said,
The footsteps of my Father I always will prrsue
The cause of repeal Minever flinch or will I stir
an inch,
Till we have independence as it was in eighty-two,
She raised her head and sweetly snng her eyes on
Dan she fixed and hung, )tyrants fall,
She said the hand of Providence will make the
Three cheers she said for our noble Queen & may
the orange and green
Once more unite together in the Conciliation hall,

So now brave boys be ready to be firm and steady
We'll back old England's nation our country for
to free                                                 (of honour
We'll back the great o'connell and each nobleman
Against all foreign nations that would invade our
native shore,                                              (ation
But America is blazing with the greatest Prepar
But they may Wait with patience till on them we
do call                                                   (us under
We'll burst the chains assunder that long as kept
This conversation passed in the conciliation hall.

Her Majesty without delay we'll meet on the 8th
of May                                   (was here before
Our Poverty we'll display not like when George
The north of Ireland may deplore the linen trade
it was no more                    (England went o'er
They brought it off along with them when he to
Ever since that day we're left in ruin and decay
Our commerce or manufacture we never could re-
call                                                             (peal
Her majesty I'll go bail is coming here to give re-
This conversation passed in the conciliation hall.

So down she sat in Daniel's chair and turned up
her old grey hair
Her voice it echoed in the air as sweet as she sung
Her harp melodius she did tune she says before
the month of june
Well hear an alteration and that before it is long
Her band from daniel she withdrew and instantly
she flew                                                   (do call
She says remember 82 while for justice long
Neither vinegar Smith nor the shin of beef shal
ever daunt old Erin's Chief,
This conversation pass'd in the Conversation hall.

                    Paul, Printer, 7 Dials.

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