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Courtship & marriage

Please your wife

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As married men are seedy proud, if they
have got a wife,
I'll give you all some advice, to follow me
through life,
I speak o' course, to those who are in matri-
monial life,
So married men take my advice, before it is
too late.


Please you wife through marriage life, upon
your wedding day,
You would so shield her from all strife, and
never disobey,
What's her's is yours, what you're is her's
so let this be your plan,
Through marriage life please your wife and
do the best you can.

Dou't contradict her when she talks but let her
her say,
Don't aggrate her walke she's sure to have her
Then the frown upon her face, will turn into a
If you will only stretch a point and bear it for a

If you're at business all day long or our at
pleasure roam,
Pray don't forget your wife a waiting, wishing
you at home,
And when your weekly salary, on Saturday, you
have got,
Don't try to do her out of it, but give her all the

He to the theatre you should go, pray take her
with you.
For it very I kely avoid a tempest if you do,
If you go alone, don't let the drink ffy to your
youo head,
But go home early, cuddle, kiss and toddle off to





        Written by THOMAS DODSWORTH.


VARIOUS folks have various ways of
making love, we know,
Some will speak out openly while others
whisper low,
Well, I prefer the latyer, strolling with the
girl I love,
Down shady lanes on Summer nights, while
the moon shines up above.


Making love by moonlight,
Talking pretty nonsense,
Billing, cooing, often doing
What is very naughty.
But as you know it's nice,
You're not troubled much with conscience,
Kissing, squeezing, teazing, pleazing,
By moonlight alone.

Oh! is'nt it delightful with your arm around
her waist,
You press her to your heart, while her sweet
cherry lips you tasts;
And if your kisses are returned, tho' rather
shyly done,
Your happiness is perfect, and your common
sense all gone.

Of course you swear you love her, and she
swears the same to you,
Then you promise you will marry her and
never prove untrue :
She never thinks these promises like pie-crusts
you may break,
But places all her loving trust, on every vow
you make.

Spoken.—Yes, you promise all sorts of rid-
iculous things that you are impossible to carry
out, and she believes you, for she never dreams
of the Breach of Promise and Divorce courts,

Of course on such society the hours fly away,
Unheeded by both you and her, you have so
much to say,
Then you see her safely to her door, and kiss
and say " Good night;
And reckon of the time when you meet once
more by moonlight."

Music to the above song can be had for 7
stamps, to
T. DODSWORTH, 4, Florence Square,
Florence-st., Holloway Head, Birmingham.


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