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Crime & punishment

Bold prisoner

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      The Bold Prisoner.

Printed and sold by Jennings, Water-lane,
              Fleet-street, London.

As I was a walking for my recreation,
Across the green meadows one morning
There I heard two brothers a talking. (say
And I listen'd awhile to bear what they did

Says one to the other, I have got a brother,
In prison so strong confind is he,
But if I had forty brave fellows like me,
We soon would set the bold prisoner free.

Ten of them should bold our horses heads,
Ten at the prison door there should be,
And ten should watch the prison all round,
While the rest of us set the bold prisoner free.

Dicky broke locks and Dicky broke bolts,
And Dicky made all before him to flee,
And Dicky took Arthur all up in his arms,
And carried him off most manfully,

Dicky look'd over his left shoulder,
You little do think what i can see; (dale,
Here cones the head sheriff of bonny down
And a hundred bold troopers in his company.

O stop, O stop, the sheriff he cries,
O  stop, O stop, whosoever you be ;
Only give us the irons from off his legs,
And you may have the bold prisoner free,

O no, O no, you are vastly mistaken,
O no, O no, that never can be ;
The irons will serve to shoe our horses,
For we have a farrier in our company.

O I will leave houses and I will leave lands,
And I will leave wife and children three ;
But bofore I'd leave my own dearest brother,
I sooner would die upon yonder green tree.

To dancing, to dancing, away went,
To dancing they went most merrily ;
'Twas the very best dance that ever they had,
Because they had set she hold prisoner free.

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