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Courtship & marriage

New song call'd Gassco [sic] green

[NLS note: a graphic appears here - see image of page]

              A new Song


As I walk'd, out one morning fair,
By g'asco green ta take the air
I met a lass with yellow hnir
And two enchanting eyen
And she spread her cleasese cheery
Se biightsome & se cheery,
And she spread her cleas se cheery,
On bonney Glassco green,

Said I my pretty boney lass
Your re early on the dewey grass
Thau would you chance to take a walk
Down by the river clide
Fhr there noue to match yaur beauty
I say your lovely beauty
There is none to match your beauty
On lovely Glassco green
He striks his hgmmer on a stane
Its he that makes the town se braw
On boney Glasco green
So I'll wait for my bonney lad
I'll wait for my bonney mason lad
So I'll wait for my laddy
On Bonney Glascy green

I laid my lass I think you'r nad
To helieve roveina mason lad
He wi'l leave you here to sigh rnd sob
Ou bonney Glasco green
Se come away my lassie
My bonney blue eye d lassie
Se come away my lrssle
From donney Glasco green

So they walk'd a while she gave concent.
Into an n straitway they went
Where they got brandy rum and wine
And a clank for ta make up onr links
Which fitted ns quite well so she
Soon forgot her Ioddy her bonney mashn
Se she soon forgot her lady
And her clease on Olasco green

So all young men when you go there
And meets a lass w, yallow hatr
Oe sure to trap her in a suare

Oh henney Glasco green
For I decoyd a iasste
A bonney blue eyed lassie
From bonney Glassco green

P. Brereton I Lr Exchange St. Dublin

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