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Crime & punishment

Country girl

(13) Country girl

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                   The Country


Printed at 1, Pitts, Wholesale Toy Warehouse,
                  Great st. Andrew Street, 7 Dials

As I walked out one morning down by a
yer s side.
I gaz'd all around and a country girl, I espied
So red and rosy was her cheeks and in ringlets
hun her hair. (country girl did wear.
And so neat and costly was the robes that this

fondly slept up to her, those words to me she
sard,            (lost his liberty
My true love has gone from me and has
For eight long years we courted together night
and day,                       ( Botany Bay,
But now my love's transported aad is gone to

On the 5th of December my truelove set sail;
For to leave his native country with a sweet and
a pleasant gale,
But should he once return again his natvie land
to see,                             (berty
I will enjoy my own truelove with his sweet li-

So come all you wicked blades I would have you
a warning take            (your trade
Leave oft all your thieving tricks stick close unto
For by chance you might get lag'd and grab'd,
how hard to set you free,
But mind your rules don't be such fools but en-
joy your liberty,

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