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Soldiers & sailors

New song call'd the Garryowen boys adventures to England

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                       A new Song Call'd the



As I rev'd out one eveing through Devoushire in Lugland
I call'd to an ale house myself & my friends
It being on Patricks day as we laued there quite merrily
We call'd for some porter our thrist for to qn-helr
We drank to Garryowne & the ancient town of Limrick
To Erins green shore & the daisy-clad kills
Where the boys does sing in chorus without spite or animosity
And girls to enjoy them with a good j g of punch         

We drank away like topers & we pass'd no great apoligy ?
We drank without commotion to adversary's or frionds
Till a troop of hanavarians degraded our capasity
They swore by hocus pecus that a papist they would lick
We warn't them that moment we told them to content themselves
We tald them for to be silent as we gave them no oftence
But the more we were oposoing them the more they were aproching
And threating every moment that the taproom we should quit

While we were elevated there was ten to one aproching us
We got so iratated that we told them to desist
We then began to flale them with our little twigs of hazle
Till their bones were dislocated by the smacking of our sticks
We left them in their gore till the doctor had his patcents
He Put plaster to their nose's & their bhnes he had to fix
When we thought they shonld be easy the were stil mere contrary
Por they thought toey could controul us but indeed they were not fit

When those cowards-was deiated to the ioggings we retreete
For we honre a gaeat decision of those vipers to ad anee
Had we not been s convenient we should meet our destinatian
For we know their inclination With their weapons in their hands
Till O'Donnell and O Keif from the town of Tipperary
" When they knew oar s,tua ioR and we been from Garryown
They got ready their shillelia's aRd were neither loath or Lzey
Till they hunted those wild monster where Carron had his boat

When the battle was ever and folks were grown sober
Tho they done their whole cudeayours far to wak us to retreat
They may hauk their own behavour for the cut a rod te beat themselves
Like a chid that is ungrateful when parehts he'l degrade
Altho ve are hePe en a foreign s ore to seek fo a situation
When we could be cultivation for ourselves on Erins shore
But I hopeour fertile Nation will soon meet aa alteration
And the Paddys will have plenty as they often had begore

So you Irish milecians that are bou d for emeg ation
When your going to foreign nations & to ieave yaur native shore
You should bring with you same hazel i s a very handy weapon
For to cultivate those deamons If they dare to opose us
when you are da nking far from home & those tyvants to asail pou
Yhu can show them your shillelia's that you brought from Erins shore
They did fly like ſoul targates when Miles Loughlin did chase them.
And they never more will asail you whole your out of Garryown

Here's a health to Erius shre and its hospitable Sages
That would justify their neighbour when they'd meat themfar or rear
They'd refresh them at thoir table wheu ther'd tee them tieed and weary
With the best acomadation that the Cotage can aford                                 
Farewell to Ga rpown and to all my veiug neighbours                             
Aad the numerous aquaiuaance's with whom I often roved                         
Where the mountain dew we tasted and upon to toll the tale                   
Aud I hope I will snrvive till I see the Shumrock shore                           


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