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Soldiers & sailors

New song on the Garkyowen [sic] boys adventures to England

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                A New Song on the

As I move'd out one evening througo Devoushire In England,
I call'd to an aie house myself and my freinds
of being ou a Patricks dan as we iande ther quite merrily
We call'd for some porter ,onr thrust for to qner cB,
To Erins greeb sh re and her daisy clad hilis.
Where the boys po sing in chorus without spit or anamosity
And girls do enjoy rhems vee with a go d jug of punch

We drank away like topers & we dass'd no great apoligy
We drank without commotion to adv rsary's or freinds,
Til a troop hanavarians had degrade'd onr capac ty
They swote by pocus that a papist they would lick
Werwig' them in a momens and we told th m to coat nt themselves
We told them to be silent as we gave them no offence
But the more we wera opposeing them the m rc they were aproch
And threuting every moment that the taProom we should q t

While we were elevated thare was ten to one aproaching us,
We got so iralated t nt we told them to desist
We then began to fake them with our little twigs of hazel
Til their bones were dislocated by the mackin of our sticks
We left th m in then gore till the Doctor had his patic nts
He pdt plasters to their nose's and their enes e had to fix
When we thought they should be easy the were stil the more con
for they thonght they should control us but in eed they were not fit

When those cowards We deſated to oue logings we retreated
For we beard a great dacision of those vipers to advance
Had we not been so conveuieut we should meet our destination,
But we know their inclination with their weapons in their hands
Til O'Dennel & O'Keil from the town of sweet Tipperary
When they knew our situation & we been from Garryown
They got ready their sheielis & were neither loth or azey
I'll they hunted these wild demands to where Chafun hrd his bost

When the battle was ovar & es folks were growin other
Tho they done their whole enaavours f r to make us to reteat,
They may thank their own behav nr for the cut a rhd to be at them
Like a child that is ungrateful when his parents h degrade
Altho wee here on a foreign soore to seek for situation,
Wheu we could be cultlvating for oursaives on Erins shore'
But I hope our fertile tion will soon meet an alieration
And that Paddies will have plenty as they o ten had befare

So you Irish melcians that are bonnd for Kmegratoon
When yonr going to foreign nations & to leave your native shore
You scould being with you some hazel its a very handy weapon,
For to cul ivate thos deamons it they are for to oypose
Ohen you are drinking far from home & hos tyrants to asail you
You shew them your shelelias that yo bronght from Erins ahae
They will fly lik oul tarpates when Mil a Choughlin hod chsed them
And they never more will tease you while your out of Garryown

Here a health Erine shore & its hospitable &ages
That would justly theiri neibour when they'd meet them tar orneat
They'd refresh them at their table when they'd see them tired and
With the best acomadaties that their Cottage can affurd
Farewell to Garryown and to all my laveing neibours
And the minerons sequain tenees with whom I often roved,
Where the mountain dew we tasted & no one to till the guage.
And I hoped will survive till I see the Shamreck sbore

P. Brereton. L, Lr, Exchange, Street, Dublin.

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