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Religion & morality

Discuscion [sic] between a Roman Catholic girl and a Protestant gentleman near Ardee Co Louth

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                AND A
         ARDEE Co LOUTH

As I rove'd out one eveing in the pleasant month of June,
The birds the sang harmoniously the trees vvere in full blee,
The violets and prim roses were charming for to see,
The vvoodcock to pith joy did coo convenet to Ardee,

I rested on a lovely bank where trees they did me shade
To my surprise aproaching me I spied a lovely maid,
At the first glance I got of hea my heart she stole from me
I'm in dispair for that young fair the pride of srvveet Ardee,

I paid my best obediene unto this lovely maid,
Said I sweet fair I am sincere my heart you have betray'd
It you concent to be my bride a lady you shall he,
And you'll bless the day that vve did meet convenient to Ardee,

Kind sir you are a jester but yet don't make so free,
If I am poor I am content with all my poverty,
I bear my cro°s with patience I pray to God on high
No bible reader ou this earth vvill me decoy,

Fair maid you touch my feelings for to say,
You know notwhat riligeon is you ore only going astray,
You say the holy mis oners they can forgive your sins.
That's only mocking God on high that such power is given to man

Kind sir dont speak of peagancy for heare it is quite plain
Saint Peter was thefirstfrom God that power did obtain,,
The Sacrament of Peunance does cleanse our sins away,
The Church of Rome can never while Peter holds the Key

You say your Church ca never er the young man did reply,
But answer me one question & do not falcity,
You cal toe Mass a Sacrafice but prove that udto me,
How can you make your Alters a second Calvary,

Kind sir you speak quite foolish you stair me with surprise,
To think that I cant provk the Mass an un dy Sacrifice
Our Saviour died upon the Cross to set poor free
But I'll show how our immortal souls was saved on Calvary,

In the holy Tabernacle our Saviour he does dwell,
The joy of Saints & Angles who conquered death & hell,
He is the chosen Lamb of God no blood for him was shed
When offer'd on our Alters for the living & the dead

Ahe young man he surrender'd & said most gallant fair
You satisfied my question I realy do declare;
Although I am of noble blood I'll change my life with the
And I'll make you a rich lady near the town of ardee

Now to conclude in those few lines she's worthy of prais
If you'er inclined you'l easy find what is the fair one's name,
A quadrupid from the lands wall show quite plain to thee,
Nine letters tells the ser name of the dride of sweet Ardee

P. BRERETON, Printer, 1, Lr, Exchange, St, Dublin.

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