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Kitty of Colerain

(8) Kitty of Colerain

Publish'd Apr. 4, 1809 by LAURIE & WHITTLE, 53, Flee Street, London.

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                KITTY OF COLERAIN;

Sung with unbounded Applause by JOHN JOHNSTONE, Esq, of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, amongst his Convivial Friends
in Ireland.

As beautiful Kitty one rooming was tripping,
With a pitcher of milk from the fair of Colerain,
When she saw me she stumbled, the pitcher it tumbled,
And the butter-milk water'd the plains of Colerain.
Oh! what shall I do now? 'twas looking at you now;
I am sure such a pitcher I'll ne'er see again,
'Twas the pride of my dairy, sly Barney M'Cleary,
You have bother'd the maids since you came to Colerain.

I walk'd down beside her, and gently did chide her,
And wonder'd a pitcher should cause her such pain;
A kiss I then gave her, and there did I leave her,
The beautiful Kitty that lives at Colerain.
'Twas hay-making season, I can't tell the reason,
Misfortunes but seldom come single, it's plain;
For very soon after poor Kitty's disaster,
The devil a pitcher was whole in Colerain.

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