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Courtship & marriage

Sailor and his truelove

(6) Sailor and his truelove

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The Sailor and his

Printed by Jennings, Water-lane, Elect-
                     street. London.

As a young sailor and his truelove one
morning in May.
Where walking together in the fields blithe and
              gay ;
Says the sailor to his truelove, my dear life for
              your sake,
I'll away unto the Indies whatever does betide,
And when I do return, my love, I'll make you
              my bride.

Then a heavy sigh she gave him, saying, Jemmy
              my dear,
While down her sweet rosy cheeks ran many a
              salt tear,
What will you go and leave me in sorrow to
Till you from the Indies return back again.

O then from off his fingers a golden ring he
Sauing, take this as a token for more you shall
I'm bound unto the ocean where the billows
              loud do roar,
For the sake of lovely Nancy, the girl I adore.

Then farewell my dearest Nancy, no longer
              can I stay,
For our top-sails are loos'd, and our anchor is
              weigh'd ;
Then thousand kisses, then down her cheeks
              the tears fell,
May the heavens protect you—dear William

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