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Soldiers & sailors

Sailor's return

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              THE SAILORS


Printed & Sold by T. EVANS, 79, Long-Lane.

As a fair maid was walking in a garden,
young ſailor ſhe chanc'd to ſpy,
He ſtept up to her thinking to have have her,
And ſaid fair maid can you fancy I.

You appear to be ſome man of honor,
A man of honor you appear to be;
How can you impoſe upon a poor woman
Who is not fit your Seraant to be?

If you are not fit to be my ſervant,
I gave a ſincere regard for you
I would rnarry and make you my lady.
For I have ſervants to wait on you.

I have a true ſweet-heart of my own ſir,
It is ſeven years ſince he was gone

And ſeven more years will I wait for him,
Fo if he's living he will return.

It is ſeven years ſince your lover left you,
I'm ſure he is either dead or drown'd,
If he is living I love him dearly,
If he s dead he's with glory crown'd,

When he perceived her love was loyal,
It's a pit true-love ſhould be croſſed,
Says he I'm your poor and ſingle ſailor,
Who has often been on the ocean toſted ,

If you are my poor ſingle ſailor,
Shew that I gave thee,
For ſeven years make an alternation,
Since my true-love parted from me.

He pulled his hand out of his bosom,
His ſingers being both long and ſmall,
Saying here is the ring we broke between us,
And when ſhe ſaw it down ſhe did fall.

Then he lifted her up, claſped her in his arms,
And he gave her kiſſes ſweet,
Saying I am thy poor and ſingle ſailor,
Who is just return'd to marry thee.

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