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New song in praise of Mr Tait and teh [sic] harbour bommissioners [sic]

(6) New song in praise of Mr Tait and teh [sic] harbour bommissioners [sic]

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Arrah who hasn's heard of the Harbour Commissioners
And the rows and the ructions they had at the Board,
And how all toe schemes of these vile imdositioners,
where by the Mayor so gallantly flured?
The Jury was picked bardih Harris & Callaghan,
By those boasting impostors Dick Rusiel & Spaight,
Who tried to malign. & cackbit our protector,
The generous talent high minded Tait,

    CHORUS..—Singing tidy ſal lal, &c,

Tory Jim—fora to make his importance the larger-
Hit on a plan by which to insnare,
Lord Neas who badly wanted a charger,
And came for to purchace at Limerick Fa'r,
So Jim gave a larg party to which he invited,
His Lordship & r 1 who belongs to his set,
Excluding ths Mayor for fear he might share,
In the glory of freeing our Harbyur from dept,

Shure we'l remember at toe last Elections,
When Jemmy & Dick were enemies di e,
Dick said Jim was of Orane extraction.
And call'd him a sonperin need of hells fire,
But there Dick was wrong for Jim never wasted,
His call upon soup to give to rhe poor,
Neither Papist nor Protestant soup ever tasted,
For they got but soft talk at Fartnuragha's door

Blustrirg Dick I tell you to be easy,
Discord enough in our City gou've sown,
From your bullying& braging we'renbw almost crazy
The time has passed when the town was your own,
So draw in yoea bigo ed s andring horns,
And drown party feelings for general weol,
Respect our opinions & plant no more horns
Or soon you shall know what the publick feel,

The Mayor has given two thousand in charity,
And blankets and beds to 6ve hundred poor,
His merited worth find kindly humanity,
Scorn attack so corruyt and impure
The thousands employed by his unceasing energy
Are'nt walking in but well dressed and well paid,
And if in Oln Ireland we had many such as he,
We should see less of the Crowbar Brigade'

Don't take Jobbing ranters by long winded syeeches
Compare them with acts and their merit is small,
As Bill Shakespear himself in the play somwhere ſeaches
The most they express who sap nothing at all,
The favour in this matter achieved for bur City,
What for years all our Members in vain strove to get,
To him be the praise to the end of his days,
Who obtained the concesssion we'll never forget,

To pluckey Harris great praise is awarded,
for the manner in which he de,ended the Mayor,
And Eugne O'Callaghan's ſame is recorded,
For he spake like a gentleman calmly and fair,
Bould Power and M'Donneli whogave him a dressing
I thought to be able to name a few more,
No matter Joe Donnagher gives them his blessing,
And expects from the publick a heartycheer,

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