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Our latest song

(5) Our latest song

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    Gems of the Land League

            AIR—The Gems of Old Ireland.

Around Ireland the trumpet of glory is sounding:,
To honour theGems who her cause fought so well,
And stood in the van when their help was most
To throw off oppression and follow Parnell;
To right Ireland's wrongs was the cry of those
And still keeps the glory none e'er can efface.
Though martyred and taunted for loving our
We'll prove to old Ireland that we're no disgrace.
When landlords did trample the true sons of
And turn them out on the roadside to die,
It is then there came forth those glorious heroes,
Whocalled for a Land League and up went theory;
Then without hesitation they worked themselves
To throw off the oppression that has bound us
for years,
And raise dear old Erin a nation from bondage,
And swear that her daughters no more shall shed
Then Parnell, Davitt, John Dillon and Sexton,
Rais d up the standard which proved a success,
And showed to the world 'that all Ireland needed
Was to abolish the land on Island have fair redress;
the Sullivan's. Dwyar Gr ay, O'Kelly and Healy.
With glory they followed Parnell to the end,
And gained for old Ireland their long plundered
Their spirits all live buts never to bend
Pat Egan, Joe Biggar, Hugh O'Donnell, and
In the cause of old Ireland they worked night
and day.
Joseph Killen and Brennan, O'Gorman and
Likewise to crown Irland they fought without
Father's Sheey and Ferhan, looked up in a prison
For loving the land which has given them birth,
And spr ing the Land League with ah hopes
and blessings,
Of crowning old Ireland the gem of the earth.
Then Dawson, Walsh, Nally, and the brave
Andrew Kettle,
In the path of their leader they choose for to go,
Captain Dugmore, Tom Cummins, Albert Altaian,
and Finnigin,
All fought for the land where the shamrock does
grow ;
All over old Ireland they flew to its standard,
In hopes to gain Ireland sweet prosperity
The man he that lives by the swear of his labour
To him as from God his laud should be five.
                                                   P. HANLEY.

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