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Song of Argus Zion on finding the ruins of Nineveh

(5) Song of Argus Zion on finding the ruins of Nineveh


               ON THE FINDING OF


               Tune—"Lowlands Low."

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ARISE ! arise! ye nations! the day is near at hand!
When your All Conquering SHILOH, He will the world com-
Look to Devine Revelation ! and ye can prove it true,
Since the ancient City of Nineveh, is brought unto your view.

Oh, then ye slumbering England, and all the whole Earth,
In brilliant colours, is the Mystic Troth shown forth.
Oh, then ye modern Babylon, no longer opposing stand,
Since the Relics of Ancient Nineveh, is brought to Britian's land.

Now the Ancient City of Nimrod, is risen from the dust ?
And the triumphs of the Theology, doth from these Ruins burst,
The beauties of Divine Prophecy, it is now strewn forth,
A Type to shew, that truth shall spring, out of the Earth !

This proud and lofty City, that held Despotic Sway,
Hath risen up in judgment, in this Latter day ;
Oh, then arise, Oh, England, and not my words despise.
Since the truth of Scripture History, is plain before your eyes.

The Trumpet is sounded in Zion, to wake each distant land.
For to arouse all Israel, as one united band,
Oh, then do not reject the Warning Voice of me,
But receive ye, the latter testimony of Me, the DEITY !

               E.Hodges, printer, 31, Dudley St. Bloomsbury.

Published by E. Vaughan, at the Royal Manger, 12, King's Row, Walworth.

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