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Victory at Trafalgar

(7) Victory at Trafalgar

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ARISE, ariſe, brave Britains,
Perform your loudeſt lays
And join me in a chorus,
To ſing Britannia's praiſe,
Once more the hero of the Nile
Did ſeek to make Britannia ſmile,
With another victory on the file.
                                 O brave Nelſon !

October on the twenty firſt
It being a glorious day.
The combin'd fleets of France and Spain,
Were juſt off Cadiz Bay,
Their ſhips in number thirty three,
And Nelſon when he did them ſee;
Said twenty of them there is for me,
                                 O brave Nelſon !

The ſignal made for ſighting,
Cannons began to roar,
Our ſhips in number twenty-ſeven,
We ſhook the Spaniſh ſhore
And Nelſon on the deck ſo high,
Aloud unto his men did cry,
We'll conquer them my lads or die,
                                 O brave Nelſon !

He broke there line of battle,
And ſtruck the fatal blow,
He blew up ſome onto the air,
And ſome he ſent below,
But when with victory on his ſide,
A fatal ball his life deſtroy'd,
He in the midſt glory died,
                                 O brave Nelſon !

When the brave hero was dying,
And with his parting breath,
He pray'd for England's glory,
'Till the moment of his death,
Farewell my lads my glaſs is run,
This day ſhall be my ſetting ſun,
But providence thy will be done,
                                 O brave Nelſon !

The battle it being ever
Which was a bloody fray
We twenty of their fineſt ſhips,
From them did take away,
Now Bonaparte boaſt no more,
To land upon our native ſhore,
Leſt you in pieces ſhould he tore,
                                 Through brave Nelſon !

May Collingwood's and Hardy's,
Like Nelſon's ſame reſound,
And all our ſorce by land or ſea,
With good ſucceſs be crowned .
May Britain's trade and wealth increaſe,
Ail wars and tumults ever ceaſe,
And may we have a laſting peace,
                                 Through brave Nelſon.

                                    Augus, Printer.

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